Slim and delicate wall shelf

Alva Wall System

Price as demo: 28.160.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Alva Beautiful Wall Hanging Wood Shelf
  • Product with a variety of sizes, suitable for different interior spaces
  • Unique wall-mounted design, a combination of natural wood and slender metal frames
  • Material: HMR covered with natural veneer (oak/walnut veneer), powder-coated iron frames
  • 3-year warranty

Alva wall hanging wood shelf is a unique decorative item for a variety of room spaces. Obviously, you can customize the size of this shelf according to their requirements to increase storage.


1. Characteristic from the combination of materials

Alva Wall System is a novel decorative shelf product. Slim design, combined with wood materials and metal frame. In addition, we have carefully selected and certified the materials for sustainability and safety for health, such as FSC, CARB P2, and E1.

Moreover, Truong Thang uses the high-quality HMR for the core of this shelf, ensuring no warping when increasing the length from 1 meter or more. Meanwhile, natural wood veneer serves as an excellent natural coating. As a result, it emphasizes the beauty of the product through the distinctive wood grain lines.



High-quality and safe health materials created for the product

2. High-grade wall hanging wood shelf with a novel design

Furthermore, the most impressive point of the Alva Wall System wall hanging wood shelf product comes from the design. It has a new language with flying inspiration. Instead of an ordinary standing shelf, Truong Thang’s design team has boldly “embraced” the product.

Additionally, Truong Thang has used metal for the frame. It looks slim but possesses a load beyond imagination. Besides, the hanging frame system is firmly fixed to the wall thanks to specialized hanging hardware.


High-quality hardware help attach the shelf system firmly to the wall

3. Handcrafted with modern technology

Moreover, modern technology and the skillful craftsmanship of artisans have perfected the Alva wall-hanging wood shelf. Besides, Truong Thang used the CNC automatic cutting machine system to precisely cut and machine the shelf details. Obviously, the hands of skilled artisans have meticulously cared for each edge of the product. Meanwhile, they have also highlighted the wood grain to bring the most realistic touch feeling.

4. Handy and versatile wall-hanging wood shelf

Of course, users can customize the size of the Alva wall hanging wood shelf according to various requirements. Similar to the batch of shelves in terms of size as well as the number of bars. In particular, the high-end suspension system allows for withstanding high loads. In conclusion, the simple and elegant design is suitable for many different interior styles. As a result, the product is suitable for use as a bookshelf or to decorate with lovely decorating items.


The Alva Wall System wooden shelf is a unique decoration for the space


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • 3-years warranty. Lifetime maintenance