Model urban kitchen cabinets

City Series Kitchen

Price as demo: 104.000.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak

Kitchen layout:


City Series - Small modern kitchen cabinets with full functionality for urban spaces 
  • Materials: North American Oak/Walk
  • Hardware: Hinges, rails, Blum Aventos stay-lifts  
  • Worktop: Vicostone Quartz
  • Kitchen layout Can be customized
  • Design suitable for small apartment spaces

City Series small modern kitchen cabinets realize the idea of ​​​​a compact and smart kitchen. The kitchen with base cabinets and upper shelving is ideal for storage and decoration. Therefore, this design is dedicated to urban spaces with limited areas. We have also developed the most advanced hardware solution to elevate your kitchen function.


City Series small modern kitchen cabinet

With limited space, the ideal kitchen with full cooking functions is an unrealistic idea. Truong Thang team recognized the above problem and made efforts to research. And City Series was born as a clear demonstration of smart kitchen solutions for small houses.


1. Smart Workflow Layout

For small kitchens, arranging functional areas scientifically is very important. Because this will make all cooking operations more convenient. According to the workflow, Truong Thang have arranged the storage – items – washing – preliminary processing – cooking areas scientifically. This workflow is created based on researched of cooking habits of users. Therefore, every centimeter is utilized to ensure the most comfort.


City Series is designed based on scientific principles

In addition, City Series modern small kitchen has also adhered to the principle of the triangle of operation. The principle shows that there are the most three important areas in the kitchen: sink, fridge and hob. When these appliances form an triangle, every activity in the kitchen will be more effective. Concurrently, this principle also ensures feng-shui meaning.

2. Modern small kitchen with an incredible storage capacity

In fact, storage is the top concern of every small kitchen. Therefore, City Series appears as a lean and smart solution for your desire. As a result, this small modern kitchen cabinets system provides the necessary storage space. In addition, it also allows the installation of kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. So that you can imagine this City Series as Doraemon’s pocket. How surprise it is, right!?


Furthermore, users can install all kitchen appliances in City Series small modern kitchen

Cabinet with a minimum width of 60cm or more allow for more optimal storage than many small cabinet compartments. Particularly, depending on the actual area, Truong Thang will offer suitable options for customizing kitchen cabinet. Users can choose the solution of open-door cabinet or storage shelves.

Truong Thang have integrated the most advanced hardware into City Series. These solution includes straight base hinge, and box rails help increase the durability and capacity of the kitchen. So that your kitchen can be used for more than 20 years. Besides, they also elevate the kitchen convenience thanks to smooth motion. As a result, they are warranted for a lifetime along with the kitchen cabinets.

3. Extendable dining table adding convenience to your kitchen

Not only solving the problem of limited storage space, City Series also shows an impressive spatial connectivity potential. Since we have also integrated the expansive bar/dining table solution neatly. As a result, this integration makes your kitchen the centerpiece. Turning your kitchen into the social living space. Where you not only cook, but also have other activity with family and friends. In addition, it helps save space on your dining table and creates ventilation for your home. Moreover, there is an optimal open shelf system linked to the dining table, in order to create extra storage and decoration.


Extendable bar/dining table connecting cooking and dining space

The extendable dining table/ bar made of Oak/ Walnut wood enhances your kitchen in terms of aesthetic and function. You can use it as an preparation space for cooking. Or decide to make it for your fast meals. There is even space for you to combine a small shelf for storage or decoration. Now that City Series is what you need for an all-in-one kitchen.

4. Versatile hanging shelf for small modern kitchen

Additionally, open hanging shelves make your kitchen space more airy. And it is ideal for small space instead of traditional upper cabinets. In fact, the combination of wood and metal brings a new and impressive look to the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the shelf system is suitable for storage and decoration. Obviously, users can decorate a few plants to increase the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.


The solution of hanging shelves helps the kitchen space become larger and airier

5. Modern minimalist color palette

Meanwhile, Truong Thang have also researched and developed a modern and stylish color palette. In particular, there are 6 distinct shades of Oak and Walnut, embodying a youthful, minimalist, and sophisticated mind. Obviously, the product can give customers many choices to suit their personality and create their own identity. We have a mix of lacquer paint on the base cabinets to make your kitchen more larger. The lead-free paint assure safety for users’ health. The matte cover helps to prevent finger print on your kitchen doors.

color-pallette6. High-quality natural material

City Series kitchen is made up of high-quality materials. For the surface of the base cabinets, we choose veneer as the main decorative layer. We provide you two options of Natural North American Oak & Walnut with FSC certificate. All chosen wood logs are dried, sliced and exported directly to Vietnam. Each veneer sheet has the standard thickness of 0.6-1mm. They are cut into certain dimension. And after that laid on the surface of HMR with another for matching pattern. We also use specialized veneer sewing machine to link veneer sheets together. As a result, we have a large size of veneer coating for HMR that is very eye-catching.

Natural wood materials bring a feeling of warmth and intimacy to your kitchen. Concurrently, it also increases aesthetics and creates a healthy atmosphere. Besides, the friendly material is a big plus for the kitchen environment. Ensuring the highest hygiene requirements. Furthermore, horizontal wood grain also make the kitchen become more open and airy.


  • Products are delivered and installed nationwide.
  • 3 Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance. 

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