Warming in each step

Elegant and luxurious

If you love a luxurious, elegant and standard space, our Premium collection was born to fulfill those desires.
The real wood surface has all of its natural beauty: honest, stable and attractive at first sight. The long wooden floors with stable texture create an expanded effect for the space, bringing a sense of tranquility, smoothness and perfectly suited for the minimalist style. The combination of oak and light colors makes the room seem larger than dark color.

Natural relaxation therapy

The natural color of oak or the light tone of the wooden floor make the space pristine and pure. You have enough peace to meditate or practice yoga. Dark floors create an attractive contrast to the modern interior design and give large sized rooms a cozy feeling. Or the natural color of walnut has a contrasting effect with modern kitchen appliances.

- Full length: 150 x 1500mm
- Random length: 150 x 600mm + 150 x 900mm/ 150 x 700mm + 150 x 800mm

Random length

Full length