Main door
Main door

Stable and steady

The product is highly stable, not warped and perfectly suited to the Vietnamese climate due to our new production methods and techniques. The door and frame have standard thickness, solid structure and withstand heavy loads. Hinges with 4 high quality bearing are intergrated, withstand loads up to 150kg, ensures easily opening - closing and avoid sagging door.

Personalities icon

The entrance door is considered the face of the house. It also represents for the home owner's hobbies and personalities. Therefore, we develop collections that make it easy for you to choose a door that suits for your home and creates your own personal impression.

Feng-shui wooden doors

Truong Thang wooden doors are designed according to the standard size of Lu Ban ruler. Clearance gap of 810cm x 215cm and 690 x 215cm have good meaning of feng-shui, symbolizing for constantly advancing prosperity, fortune, fame and education.

Classic Collection

Modern Collection

Trendy Collection