The liberal look of the modern dining room

Cora chair

Price as demo: 4.990.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Charcoal Oak



Cora high-end dining chair

Cora high-end dining chair | Modern, comfortable and delicate in every detail

  • Materials: North American Oak
  • Color: Natural Oak, Charcoal Oak
  • Dimensions: W470 x H775 x D480 mm


Cora dining chair possesses unique, full of freedom and liberal design. The product not only brings a new breeze to the space, but also brings the comfort to the family members when gathering for meals every day.

ghe-an-cao-cap-Cora 1

1. Cora high-end dining chair is the design of emotions

Understanding the preciousness of every minute at home, the design of the Cora dining chair towards great relaxing experiences for users. This product has a design that creates a comfortable feeling when sitting on it. Besides, the style and color of the Cora chair also bring a sense of lightness to the dining room space. Cora chair is manufactured with sturdy pillar legs. Furthermore, the 120mm high wooden backrest is curved at 101° bends to form a hug to support the user’s spine. It not only creates a feeling of lightness, but also stability for the person sitting on a chair.

dining chair-Cora 8

The pillar legs bring a steadily beauty from the monolithic forest wood

ghe-go-cao-cap-Cora 3

The 120mm high wooden backrest gently curved to hug the user

2. Natural wood materials

Cora chair is crafted from the healthiest mature trees of the FSC sustainable forests in North America. The product is specially made from Oak – this material that has outstanding advantages in durability, load-bearing, and distinctive long straight wood texture. Moreover, Oak heartwood also contains tannin, which is good termite resistance, so there is no need to absorb preservatives like ordinary woods. It brings beautiful durability and peaceful space to the modern family dining room.

dining chair-Cora 2

The beautiful long straight Oak texture

3. Modern and attractive colors

The Cora high-end chair is suitable for a variety of modern dining spaces. This product is covered by beautiful Sherwin-Williams paint tones. Moreover, this non-toxic paint is manufactured in Germany. Therefore, it both has a layer of a protective layer of wood and makes it more durable, while also shaping the unique style for the dining room of each homeowner.

ghe-an-go-soi-Cora dining chair

The Natural Oak tone creates a gentle and elegant beauty for the Cora dining chair

dining chair-Cora 5

Meanwhile, the Charcoal Oak brings its personality look to the house

4. Apply perfectly to the modern dining space

The Cora chair design is a combination of the liberal of natural forest and creative stylizing. This is a latest and unique choice for many types of modern dining rooms.

dining chair-Cora 8

Cora Oak chair – photo-realistic at the project in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

Combining Cora high-end chair dining with different products of Truong Thang to bring a luxurious and classy effect. For further information please refer to here.


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