Solid tilt angle

Cos Bench

Price as demo: 9.025.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Cos Natural Wood Bench
  • Material: North American Oak/ Walnut
  • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finish
  • Fits 6 to 10 seats
  • 3-Year warranty

The design of Cos natural wood bench is synchronized with the dining table model of the same name. In particular, the bevel 7º angled leg creates a fancy cauldron foothold. Besides, the producer has calculated the joints precisely, in order to help the bench legs to be tight and perfectly balanced.


Cos wooden dining table and bench set


1. 100% solid natural wood creates Cos Natural Wood Bench

In particular, healthy natural Oak and Walnut tree trunks from North American plantations are the main materials of Cos wood bench. This wood group has outstanding advantages in terms of durability, good termite resistance. And of course, it is suitable for Vietnam’s climate. Source of planted timber and obtained FSC certificate on sustainable forest management and exploitation. Additionally, E1, CARB P2 certifications ensure the material is safe for the health of the user.


Warm, luxurious Walnut tone and unique wood grain pattern


Meanwhile, Oak gives a bright appearance and is full of positive energy

2. Crystallization of CNC technology & skillful craftsmanship


The skillful workmanship of the artisans is the special feature of the Cos wood bench. They have worked carefully from choosing the right wood paneling to clever stitching. Therefore, the product creates a modern and sophisticated bench. Moreover, this design is also convenient, allowing quick and easy assembly and disassembly.


Besides, the soft curved corner of the bench by CNC technology creates smoothness and comfort. Additionally, the thick seat surface is stroked around the edge. As a result, the users will feel comfortable when sitting on it. And all create an overall beautiful, harmonious, and delicate natural monolithic wooden bench.

3. Strong design and extremely good bearing of Cos Natural Wood Bench


Furthermore, the solid monolithic design revealed the beauty of the bench. It has a smart size and high quality. As a result, the Cos bench always ensures maximum comfort for many people to sit together. Meanwhile, with a minimalistic 2-legged design, users can easily clean the floor without getting entangled.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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