Unique from the angle

Cos Table

Price as demo: 18.630.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak



Cos beautiful wood dining table
  • Suitable for a variety of housing spaces: apartments, townhouses, villas…
  • Material: North American Oak/Walnut
  • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finishing
  • Fits 6 to 10 seats
  • 3-Year warranty

The highlight of Cos beautiful solid wood dining table is the tabletop that looks like two connected wooden trunks and the unique 7° bevel leg.


Moreover, the craftsmanship of the artisans is the cornerstone of the Cos dining table from picking the right wooden panels to splicing; allowing assembly and disassembly.


1. 100% solid natural wood

Healthy Oak and natural Walnut trunks in the North American forests is the main material that creates Cos beautiful monolithic natural wood dining table. Moreover, the wood group has outstanding advantages in durability, good termite resistance. And it is suitable for the climate of Vietnam. Additionally, the source of timber is planted and obtained FSC certification on sustainable forest exploitation and management. 


Cos dining table with luxurious walnut material with twisted coil line and unique tone 


Cos dining table system made from natural Oak wood for a bright and energetic look

2. Crystallization of CNC technology & craftsmanship


Furthermore, softly curved table corners by CNC technology create smoothness and smoothness. The 35mm thick tabletop swings over the edge in order to prevent discomfort during impact for users. This also creates a beautiful, harmonious, and refined solid natural wood dining table overall.


In addition, the craftsmanship of the artisans is a special feature of the Cos table. Basically from choosing the right wooden panels, to smartly spliced stitches to create beautiful, modern, and sophisticated dining sets. Therefore, with this technique, the table system also has a handy section when allowing assembly and disassembly to take place easily and quickly.

3. Beautiful solid wood dining table with outstanding durability


Furthermore, Cos solid natural wood dining table of Truong Thang has minimum durability of 20 years or more. Under normal conditions, the durability of the bench will be over 25 years. The wood has been treated completely, both creating a durable beauty and ensuring the quality of the product system; concurrently dispel the concern about the problems of warping, shrinkage, or expansion.

4. Highlights for interior space 


In conclusion, the Cos dining table is suitable for a variety of modern living spaces. Basically, users can put this product from apartments, townhouses to penthouses, luxury villas. The design is contemporary and suitable for a variety of interior styles from neoclassical to modern. Therefore, it’s the perfect spot where families gather to share happy meals or fun parties with friends.


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide
  •  Free shipping inner-city
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Maintenance

Refer to some works using the Truong Thang natural wood dining table!

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