Strong and healthy beauty

Dash Table

Price as demo: 33.500.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Dash Dining Table
  • Suitable for a variety of housing spaces: apartments, townhouses, villas…
  • Material: North American oak/walnut
  • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finishing
  • Fits 6 to 10 seats
  • 3-Year warranty

Natural Wood Dining Table – Dash brings elegance and wellness to the interior space with authentic and distinctive emotions from nature right in your house.


Dash – beautiful, modern, and elegant dining table model

Besides, Dash Dining Table provides a space large enough for the whole family to comfortably gather for delicious meals or celebrate with family and friends, that’s why this product received a lot of love for its beauty, elegance, and uniqueness.


1. 100% solid natural wood

Oak and Natural Walnut solid wood in the North American plantation forests is the main material of the Dash Natural Wood Dining Table. Therefore, the wood group has outstanding advantages in durability, good termite resistance, and is suitable for the climate of Vietnam. Besides, the source of timber has FSC certification on sustainable forest exploitation and management.


Natural walnut wood dining table with warm undertones is also a luxurious highlight for interior space


The brightly colored Natural Oak dining table also brings cheerful energy and youthful ambiance to the master’s dining room.

2. Definitive, striking, and minimalist cube design


The Dash dining table features a simple, quirky design

Additionally, solid wood embellishes the borderless details of the beautiful wood dining table Dash. And the “definitive” cube design is striking and sophisticated in order to make sure that the product is the spotlight of your home’s dining room furniture.

3. Beauty beyond the time

Concurrently, Dash dining table surface is finished with the highest level of authenticity. Therefore, it can showcase all the aesthetics of natural wood textures on a spacious tabletop. Basically, the texture of Oak is large, straight, and long, it creates a gentle and soft effect for the whole; meanwhile the noble dark tones of Walnut wood are significant in terms of feng-shui, bringing peace, prosperity, and luck to the owner.

4. Beautiful dining table with outstanding durability


Furthermore, Dash beautiful wood dining table of Truong Thang has minimum durability of 20 years or more under normal conditions. Furthermore, the producers have finished perfectly, creating a durable beauty and ensuring the quality of the product system. Concurrently dismiss worries about warping, shrinkage, or expansion issues of its owners.


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide.
  • 3 Year Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance.

Refer to some works using Truong Thang natural wood dining table

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