Dash Bench

Price as demo: 10.050.000VNĐ
Price from: 10.050.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Đã chọn: Natural Oak



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    • Material: North American Oak/ Walnut
    • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finish
    • Fits 6 to 10 seats
    • 3-Year warranty

    Dimensions: width (w) x height (h) x depth (d)

    • W1800xH450xD350 mm
    • W2000xH450xD350 mm
    • W2400xH450xD350 mm

    👉 Truong Thang – Leading natural wood furniture brand in HCM. Learn more here.

    Dash natural wooden bench | Elegant, solid shape

    The “definitive cube” design is neat and streamlined, ensuring synchronization with the Dash dining table. The natural wooden bench becomes an elegant presence for your dining room. Solid Oak/Walnut material accentuates Dash natural wooden bench’s signature borderless design lines. 

    * Refer to the video introducing Truong Thang natural wood dining room furniture.

    The optimal solution for seating and convenient cleaning

    Thanks to its reasonable size and high quality, Dash natural wooden bench always ensures maximum comfort for many people to sit together. The length of this bench is compatible with the ratio of the dining table, creating a harmonious and beautiful overall.

    Wooden bench for cleaning with ease

    The minimalist design makes cleaning Dash natural wood bench a breeze. Not only that, cleaning the floor around the chair legs also becomes faster because it is not entangled.

    The optimal solution of natural wooden bench providing a meeting space for 6 to 10 people.

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