Distinctive and elegant accent

Elegant Kitchen

Price as demo: 315.400.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Dairy Oak

Kitchen Layout:


Elegant modern wooden kitchen cabinets
  • A sophisticated aesthetic showing a unique and attractive display aspect
  • Advanced functional solutions: storage, movement,..
  • The kitchen is suitable for high-class villa and penthouse
  • Materials: North American Oak / Walnut wood, no warping, good termite resistance.
  • 3-year warranty. Periodic maintenance.

The most elegant design of Elegant satisfies in every visual angle. The modern kitchen is equipped with a series of outstanding functional solutions. Enhance the cooking experience. The presence of Elegant in your kitchen unlocks the potential of an inviting exhibition center. Attract and inspire a sophisticated lifestyle. The collection is perfectly compatible with large villas and penthouses.


1. Elegant beauty in design and materials

Elegant modern kitchen create a spacious and comfortable space. The I-shaped kitchen cabinets with island opens a place for family members, or friends gathering. And make the kitchen a special center of living in your house.

This new concept of Elegant breaks the stereotypes of an old-fashioned kitchen. You can potentially turn your kitchen into a display area as well. That is a kitchen not just for cooking. It is not only an important area not only to keep the family fire; but also to show the lifestyle of the owner.


Elegant modern wooden kitchen cabinets – Shaping a new kitchen style


Elegant collection with chocolate oak color

  • Display feature with glass doors

Truong Thang design team has cleverly put a high-meticulous detail into the kitchen. That is glass door cabinet. To ensure a transparent surface, we decided to choose scratch-resistant tempered glass. Not only that, another eye-catching detail to mention is the air hinge system. The special design of air hinge does not reveal the hinge base. Therefore, it can provide a seamless appearance for the cabinet glass door. In addition, aluminum door frame with a profile strip plays the role of a handle to help prevent fingerprints optimally.


Air hinge solution for the first time appeared on aesthetic glass door cabinets

Another impressive feature is luxuriously wood-covered kitchen compartments. The wood grain makes the kitchen inside look more attractive and distinctive. Each compartment with separate accessories such as wine storage, glass rack, .. turns the kitchen into a miniature restaurant. An ideal space to enjoy food and wine at home. In addition, the LED strip inside the glass door cabinet also help you show off your favorite collection.


Walnut wood covered glass door cabinet with modern LED strip

  • Premium wood materials combined with Lacquer matte paint

Truong Thang always put the product quality on top so that we focus on high-quality materials. We prioritize Oak and Walnut veneer for our Elegant modern kitchen. These are premium veneer that come from sustainable forests in North America. And they also have lots of advantages such as strong, healthy, anti-termite… With these advantages, your kitchen can last long over decades. Furthermore, natural wood veneer possesses smooth wood grain. This feature also contributes to the aesthetic of overall. Each veneer is unique, and so is your Elegant modern kitchen.

The authentic wood veneer makes your kitchen to be unique

In addition, the matte lacquer paint creates the contrast of yin – yang, hard – soft, strong – light. Therefore, this is a talented combination of our design team. The paint that we use comes from UK with the certificate of lead-free paint. Therefore, it is safe for users’ health. The paint is also color-lasting and anti-fingerprint. For that reason, the beauty of Elegant modern kitchen can last long over the years.


The light and dark colors are harmonious and balanced from overall to partial

2. Modern kitchen with leading functional solutions

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, we also mention about functionality. With Elegant modern kitchen, Truong Thang is proud to be the leader in application of the latest solutions in the marketplace. We have spent many years researching and selecting the leading partner for kitchen hardware solutions. All hardware integrated on Elegant modern kitchen are from Europe. Committed to bringing you the ultimate in comfort.


Elegant modern kitchen satisfies the requirements of functionality

  • Opening/closing solution

Smooth opening and closing movements contribute to users’ experience increase. Therefore, we integrated into the Elegant kitchen advanced hardware. They are damping hinges and slide rails. With the power assist mechanism, these hardware allow you to operate more gently with little effort. Not only that, the design of these hardware is also sophisticated. You can see the straight base hinge is more modern than the butterfly one. It is slim, classy but still ensures durability requirements. And is extremely effective resistance to swinging or sagging. It is also an aesthetic built-in slide rail, allowing for quick and easy disassembly and cleaning. 


Elegant kitchen cabinets with the most advanced handless opening solutions


  • Storage function – A result of long-term research

There is an expansion on the storage capacity of Elegant modern kitchen. Multi-level built-in drawers now replace traditional ones. This structure helps to increase the storage volume by up to 40%. Not only that, it also plays an important role in the aesthetics of kitchen cabinets. Large drawers with the width of up to 1200mm allow large amounts for cooking utensils. There are also dedicated dividers inside the drawers to help keep things neater. Whenever you need, everything is at your hands.


The inside of the drawer is also upgraded with a scientific spoon and dish divider

It is impossible not to mention the high cabinet solution for groceries and dried food. In addition, the cabinet is also carefully researched to allow the installation of standard kitchen appliances. Oven, microwave, induction hob, refrigerator… all are placed to be reasonable and provide the highest convenience for users. Furthermore, you can optimize your Elegant kitchen with the up-to-ceiling cabinet option. The option will help store rarely used items in the kitchen.

3. The overall kitchen space is generous and comfortable

The concept of Elegant kitchen directly defines a whole new definition of kitchen. That is an extroverted, liberal and classy kitchen as it owner. The kitchen is the place to cook, and also the second living room. A place for intimate and emotional receptions. The custom kitchen has also become a fascinating showcase with stories behind materials, designs, and functions. And all for the experience of enjoying an elegant lifestyle. The collection of Elegant modern kitchen is harmoniously compatible with luxurious villas and penthouses.

The slender decorative hanging shelf honors the value of the owner’s lifestyle


  • Design, manufacture and installation package
  • Finishing only from 15 days for the entire kitchen cabinet
  • 3 year warranty. Lifetime maintenance.

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