Elegant Walnut bedroom

Price as demo: 181.257.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Walnut

Eternity bed: 28.769.000 đ:

Latus nightstand x 2 items: 22.998.000 đ:

Elegant wardrobe: 77.100.000 đ:

WD02 Working Desk: 35.000.000 đ:

Volar chair: 4.990.000 đ:

Mobe Wall Unit: 6.900.000 đ:

Mirror: 5.500.000 đ:


Elegant Walnut bedroom
  • Modern and trendy bedroom space for lovers of warm and noble beauty
  • Materials: Natural Oak/Walnut solid, Natural Oak/Walnut veneer
  • Free shipping
  • 3-years warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance

Elegant Walnut bedroom is the perfect embodiment of a warm and elegant resting space. The design emphasizes aesthetic beauty and brings the most convenient for users. Elegant is chosen as a great place to support and refill positive energy after a long day of work. 


1. The beauty of trendy warm idiosyncrasy 

Taking the warm color of Walnut wood as the main theme for the space. Moreover, lying on the soft Tobacco Oak floor and highlighting with black Charcoal Oak further enhances the ethereal idiosyncrasy of Truong Thang’s Elegant bedroom. 


The cozy and noble beauty of the Elegant Walnut bedroom

2. The classy relaxing space

Walnut is one of the woods be loved by East Asians because of its affluent and peaceful color. Accompanied by the advantage of forest wood and its own gentle fragrance. Walnut wood is the magical remedy to make people’s minds more relaxed and at ease, for deeper sleep and full energy for exiting new day.

In addition, standing out in the Elegant Walnut bedroom, it is impossible to mention the Eternity bed collection. It appears as emotional center of the room. Featuring the durable walnut solid wood and limited metal in design, the Elegant bedroom creates the healthiest and the most fulfillment  for users. It’s an eternal value with time.


Eternity bed – Embrace the eternal value


The tight knitted corner of the bed shows a strong bonding for whole life

3. Smart and versatile design for modern bedrooms

WD02 Working Desk

WD02 is a great application for multifunctional space. It can be both a desk with storage function, as well as a makeup area or a reading corner  thanks to the integration of Mobe Wall Unit and Circle Mirror on the wall. In addition, a smart working desk also has a convenient 900 rotation function. So, it allows homeowners to easily renovate the space when needed. 


With convenient drawers, WD02 Working Desk is also the place to store necessary documents and items

Elegant wardrobe – the beauty of trendy storage 

Processing a noble look from warm Walnut veneer with wide horizontal wood texture effect. Elegant is also coordinated with a beautiful glass display cabinet. So, that highlights the owner’s favorite outfits and items. 


The glass cabinet module is integrated with led linear to increase the beautiful shimmering effect

Quality product not only comes from design and function, but material and hardware also have an equally important role. Elegant wardrobe system is applied with Europe’s leading Blum high-end accessories to enhance the customer’s experience and lifetime of the product.


The glass door and the recessed handle conveniently to open & close the wardrobe


Apply 2 hinges type suitable for each cabinet door

Convenient Latus nightstand 

If the large wardrobe is to store big size things, the nightstand is equipment to store small items neatly. Elegant Walnut bedroom is arranged two Latus nightstands beside the bed. It helps users easily access this handy storage place when sitting on the bed. 


Not only has a storage function, but Latus also adds perfect beauty to the space

Made out of Walnut veneer with two drawers design, the Latus nightstand is the perfect storage books, a cellphone, or sometimes is the table to decor interesting items

In conclusion, each piece of furniture has been purposefully arranged by Truong Thang to bring a warm and trendy Walnut bedroom area. Elegant Walnut bedroom is also a place to bring wood lovers back closer to nature. And more, it nurtures and takes care of soul emotions – the most of precious piece in life. 

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  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance