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With its exquisite design and the combination of natural Oak wood and premium cowhide leather, the Cora dining chair provides a comfortable seating experience. This is a perfect choice when paired with a natural wood dining table, creating an elegant and sophisticated dining space in your home.

Crafted from natural Oak wood combined with cowhide leather, the high-end Cora dining chair brings serenity and elegance to the dining space.

The design of the Cora dining chair features a contemporary beauty. It is suitable for a wide range of furniture products.

Enjoy your meal with comfortable seating; the Cora dining chair is also a beautiful decorative choice with its soft lines and elegant colors.

The wooden backrest is designed with a curved shape by Truong Thang, hugging the entire back area. It provides a sense of stability and safety for the person sitting.

The comfortable leather cushion design enhances the sitting experience, providing a sense of comfort throughout the meal.

Cora chair

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Cora high-end dining chair

  • Type: Dining chair
  • Frame material: Natural wood
  • Seat material: Natural cowhide



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