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In the same design language as the Dash dining table, the Dash natural wood long bench follows a minimalist approach with clean lines and a 100% solid wood structure. It brings a serene, refined, and elegant aesthetic to modern dining spaces.

The Dash wooden bench is the result of Truong Thang’s blend of high-quality natural wood, modern technology, and exquisite craftsmanship. It not only ensures comfortable seating for multiple individuals but also complements the Dash dining table, creating a harmonious and beautiful overall ensemble.

Ensuring stability and safety for users through its robust solid wood construction, the Dash wooden bench also features a sharp and clean-cut geometric design, adding a neat and refined touch to the dining space.

The Dash bench fully showcases the natural beauty of wood with its authentic finished surface.

Dash wooden bench

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Dash bench

  • Type: Bench
  • Material: Natural wood




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