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Bringing a warm and luxurious touch with premium veneer materials, combined with sparkling glass doors, Elegant is the choice for an exquisite and modern wardrobe. Moreover, the refined storage design solution and organized system enhance the sophistication and class of the Elegant wardrobe.

Combining beautiful veneer wood door modules with elegant gray glass doors, the Elegant wardrobe exudes sophistication and luxury.

Not only does the Elegant wardrobe offer aesthetics on the outside, but it also incorporates practical storage solutions. The well-organized and rational design caters to different areas such as hanging, stacking, jewelry, and ties, providing convenience and time-saving for homeowners.

Elegant wardrobe

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Edge of the door

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Thông tin kỹ thuật

Elegant wardrobe

  • Type: Wardrobe
  • Door: Natural veneer
  • Handle: Recessed handle

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