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Featuring a solid wood block design and easy mobility, the Odom natural wood stool is a unique decorative furniture piece for various spaces such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. It serves multiple functions, including a decorative shelf, coffee table, side table, bedside table, and even a seating option. It adds a fresh touch to your living space.

With its eye-catching design and easy mobility, the Odom solid natural wood stool is an excellent choice for the bedroom when replacing traditional nightstands with this unique and space-saving piece of furniture.

Utilizing the advantages of the beautiful long straight oak wood grain, the Odom stool seamlessly combines a cone and cylindrical shape, creating a simple yet elegantly harmonious design.

The Odom natural wood stool can be transformed into a charming and practical small table. It creates a unique and eye-catching focal point in the living room.

With its cylindrical block design, the Odom natural wood stool exudes strength and durability. Additionally, the oil-based paint finishing method used by Truong Thang helps preserve the authentic and natural beauty of the Odom stool.

Odom stool

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Odom stool



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