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As its name, the Refill bed is not just a place to rest but also a rejuvenating stop to recharge your energy after a good night’s sleep. The Refill bed, with its unique design, adds timeless and elegant beauty to the bedroom space. The combination of soft fabric and natural wood is a harmonious balance that provides a relaxing and energizing sensation.

The Refill bed is elegant and timeless. Despite its unique and distinctive features, the Refill bed still retains the inherent characteristics of Truong Thang’s bed, with its intricate details that demand a combination of modern technology and high craftsmanship skills.

The Refill bed is versatile and adaptable to various spaces.

The headboard of the bed harmoniously combines wood and soft fabric upholstery.

The Refill bed provides both a sense of spaciousness and convenient cleaning.

Refill bed

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Refill bed

  • Typology: Bed
  • Bed frame: Natural wood
  • Headboard: Fabric upholstered


It is recommended to use a mattress with a thickness of 150-300mm.

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