Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered Wood Flooring

Warming in each step

Healthy wood flooring

Are you looking for a healthy wood flooring does not contain PVC, plastic or heavy metal, easy to maintain, durable and can be easily installed? Truong Thang engineered wood flooring will satisfy all your wishes. Our wooden floors are benign and absolutely safe for all family members, especially young children. Special surface finishing techniques brings a sense of authenticity and comfort to your every step.

Stable structure, water boil proof and insect resistance

We have researched and launched a line of high-quality engineered wood flooring with multi-layer structure to ensure stability, water - moisture resistance and good bearing. Products overcome the inherent limitations of natural wood flooring and laminate flooring such as warping, shrinkage, poor moisture resistance, susceptible to insect invasion. The 3mm thickness-surface retains the inherent natural beauty of wood such as knots, scars and the difference grades on each floor strip.