Foura chair

Price as demo: 4.200.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Foura wooden stool

Foura wooden stool | Distinctive & Attractive

  • Material: North American Oak
  • Color: Natural Oak, Charcoal Oak
  • Dimensions: W410 x H450 x D320 mm


Inspired by the familiar ABC alphabet, Foura stool chair brings the beauty of slender but temperamental A letter – the beauty of the wise leader. It’s not only convenient chair, but also a home decor item for your space. 

Foura stool wooden

Foura stool chair with delicate and elegant Natural Oak tone

1. Foura chair – The perfection of unique style 

As a product of elaborate R&D process, Foura chair has a unique look, but still does not lose the charm of natural wood. So it contributes to create a distinctive character for the living space. 

Choosing Foura is not just buying a chair, It is choosing a lifestyle. If Natural Oak color creates a sense of lightness and serenity, Charcoal Oak brings strength and freedom. In any color tone, Foura stool is still the perfect highlight for the house. 


Charcoal Oak has a distinct highlight 

Foura Charcoal Oak

The surface of the chair is meticulously beveled

chair-Foura close-up

Oak wood is combined with 4 sturdy legs design, it ensures the reliability and safety for users

Not only that, the brackets connect legs to seat is designed to be easily disassembled and replaced. All are aimed at the most convenient for customers. 

2. Quality materials affirm the caste

Selected from the healthy mature Oak trees from sustainable forests in North America, the Foura stool chair is not only beautiful  but also impresses with its durability and extreme capacity. Besides, the natural Oak material termite- resistant wood. That has once again confirmed the quality and caste of Truong Thang’s Foura chair. 

3. Foura stool chair was born to every moment of reunion is a relaxing time 

The most distinctive feature of the Foura chair is the design of 4 converging legs. The shape of the monolithic A letter  brings a sense of both serenity and safety. In addition, the seat surface is softly rounded and the backrest is omitted for  easy movement.

Foura chair in the Studio kitchen space

Foura stool chair combines with Studio kitchen cabinet at Sala showroom in District 2

 Foura at Studio kitchen cabinet

It brings a unique beauty to the dining room and kitchen room

Combining Foura stool chair with another products of Truong Thang to create a special space. For further information please refer to here


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