Enjoy the creative space
Oak dining room
Walnut dining room
Table dining set with 3 benchs
Table dining set with 6 chairs

Gap dining room set

Price as demo: 79.220.000VNĐ

Gap table - Natural Oak: 28.350.000 đ:

Gap bench - Natural Oak: 12.000.000 đ:

Square chair - Natural Oak x 3 items: 14.970.000 đ:

Mela sideboard - Natural Oak: 23.900.000 đ:


Gap dining room - Enjoy the creative space
  • Dining room space is suitable for those who loves the liberal beauty of creativity
  • Design flexible applications for dining rooms in townhouses and apartments
  • Material: solid natural Oak/Walnut, natural Oak/Walnut veneer
  • 3-years warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance

Gap stands out with its unique and beautiful dining room designs for creative lovers. The square ladder geometry is full of personality and strength, made from natural forest wood. This symbolizes the spirit of generosity and openness, creating a placid atmosphere that connects each family member in the modern Gap dining room space.


Elegant and airy Oak Gap dining room


Or the warm Walnut material brings out Gap’s unique elegance.

Gap dining room is manufactured from natural Oak and Walnut wood from North American forests. Therefore, Gap is a radical combination of the strength of solid wood and modern technology. On the solid wood structure, each veneer with the most beautiful wood grains arranged in harmony will be the perfect surface coating solution for Gap countertops.


Every detail of Gap is completely and precisely cut.

Thanks to high-tech CNC production lines, every small detail such as table edge joints and table leg corners is precisely cut. After that, the product has to go through manual sanding and careful censorship. All of that makes Gap dining room set an elegant and sophisticated artwork.

gap-oak-wooden-2 ghe-go-phong-an-square wooden-sideboard-cabinet-10

Gap tableSquare chairMela sideboard

Other options of Gap dining room set

Gap dining room with 1 table + 2 benches

gap- 2-bench

Oak dining set with 2 benches


Walnut table with 2 benches dining set

Gap table + 6 Square chairs


Dining table with 6 Oak chairs


Dining table with 6 Walnut chairs

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  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping within Ho Chi Minh City
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance