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    • Material: North American oak/walnut
    • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finish
    • Fits 6 to 10 seats
    • 3-Year warranty

    Dimensions: width (w) x height (h) x depth (d)

    • W1800 x H745 x D900 mm
    • W2000 x H745 x D900 mm
    • W2400 x H745 x D900 mm

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    Gap natural wood dining table I "Delicate Void"

    Minimalist design, not fussy but still impressive is the main characteristic of Gap natural wood dining table. The table legs are shaped like an inverted trapezoid to create an ethereal and gentle look. Either solid Oak or Walnut dining table, thanks to this unique detail, Gap dining table still looks slim but not less sturdy.

    * Refer to the video introducing Gap wood dining table here.

    Precise, meticulous, perfect to every detail

    Solid wood and detailed craftsmanship make Gap natural wood dining table being one of Truong Thang‘s best sellers. Every little detail such as the edges and the corners of the table legs are precisely cut thanks to the high-tech production line. So that the table becomes more gentle, attractive and friendly to users.

    Exquisitely handcrafted wood dining table creates a minimalist beauty

    The table top of Gap natural wood dining table is covered with the most beautiful wood veneer sheets, selected and arranged in an aesthetic order. Combining sanding and stapling techniques to bring out the natural contours of the wood grain.

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