Incredible natural wood kitchen cabinets made of walnut and quartz

When walnut meets quartz stone – This great combination will create natural, luxurious and extremely attractive kitchen cabinets.

Interested in a natural home but really consider a wood-themed kitchen old-fashioned or too casual? Maybe the problem is all about your approach. Why not try combining walnut with solid quartz? This wonderful kitchen with a completely natural feeling can go beyond your imagination.

Make a remarkable difference by just a small change

Every time even before you get home, you may have felt invited by the warmth and comfort of the kitchen. Walnut wood with natural chocolate tones is the mainstream of the kitchen, expressing elegance and luxury. When combined with quartz stone countertops, it creates a special cozy and romantic space.

In the morning, a fresh cup of coffee will give you a complete boost. Don’t forget to wash the fruits and vegetables as the toaster will spread out a strong aroma. Everything you need for cooking is in their place and within your reach. Nothing can be more wonderful to start the day than an exquisite breakfast, isn’t it?

The signature chocolate-colored natural walnut veneer wood kitchen cabinets bring elegance and sophistication to your kitchen space.

We believe that a well-designed kitchen will truly inspire home chefs. This independent kitchen island offers enough space for your daily cooking and is a place where you can sit down to enjoy fast meals. Chatting with family or friends while cooking from this interactive area help you never miss any interesting moments.

Are there always too many things in your kitchen? A stylish kitchen certainly cannot allow any clutter. Therefore, our storage solutions such as high cabinets, corner storage systems, wide drawers with thin and high edges… meet all your storage needs.

Truong Thang kitchen cabinets with the most advanced storage solutions, help arrange all items in your kitchen in a scientific way.

Natural, rustic but still modern and comfortable

You can make my kitchen cabinets out of wood and quartz stone for the countertop, but what about the appliances? Well, they certainly cannot be made of wood. But we can cleverly incorporate appliances into cabinets to make them look like an integration with wooden furniture, for example, walnut veneer coated dishwasher in the design of our Horizontal kitchen cabinets. While dark quartz countertop balances the overall and adds a luxurious flavor to the kitchen.

Appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerator can also be coated with natural veneer, creating an overall synchronization.

Now that you have had the wood and stone already, why not add a few green patches to make it more natural? As a true nature lover, you will never miss the opportunity to embellish your space with trees, and greenery will always bring a fresh feeling to your overall kitchen.

The modern kitchen is not only encapsulated in the cooking function but also can be customized into many different spaces. Your kitchen is not limited to a specific form of function, but can always be flexibly and intelligently transformed to meet the needs of using space as well as your personal style.

Horizontal kitchen cabinets can be customized more flexibly and intelligently based on actual usage needs.

With a laptop, this place can also become a genuine personal office. Or with an interesting book, a cup of tea or coffee, you can enjoy relaxing time here all day. With a few friends, a little champagne, here you can have a hearty party on the weekends.

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Over 15 years of establishment and development, Truong Thang has always been pursuing the ideal of building a natural oak and walnut interior ecosystem with the desire to bring customers high – quality and safe products that do not contain formaldehyde or lead content. If you are in need of interior design and construction for turnkey service or home renovation, please contact us immediately!

Choosing Truong Thang means you choose high-quality wooden furniture comes from natural materials, meticulously designed and crafted to suit the needs and living habits of Vietnamese, as well as practical house spaces.

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