Joy Bed

Price as demo: 18.899.000VNĐ
Price from: 18.899.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Đã chọn: Natural Oak

Bed size:


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    Joy solid wooden bed

    • Material: Solid Oak/ Walnut
    • Color: Light Oak/ Natural Oak/ Charcoal Oak/ Natural Walnut
    • Free shipping
    • 3-Year warranty
    • Lifetime Maintenance

    Dimensions of Joy Bed:

    • Queen size: 1600 x 2000 mm
    • King size: 1800 x 2000 mm

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    Truong Thang Joy solid wooden bed

    Truong Thang Joy solid wooden bed is the bed of joy. Slim, curved design of the product with compact legs that exude youthful inspiration. This collection is created for those who love the liberal, youthful and innovative style. The minimalist design allows Joy solid wooden bed to fit into many different bedroom spaces. With this design, moving or changing the mattress and cleaning can be done simply and conveniently.

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    Modern and aesthetic design

    Joy solid wooden bed has a minimalist and sophisticated design with carefully selected large block wood and precision large angled edges by CNC machines.

    The bed frame and slats are connected to create a beautiful solid effect. Joy natural wooden bed have a moderate thickness, soft and slender bevels. The bed legs are rounded and compact, but still ensures rigidity and certainty.

    The design allows for flexible dismantling and installation. And the product enhances mattress, brings a new and liberal inspiration to user.

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