The beginning of healthy dishes
comes from a healthy kitchen space

Truong Thang kitchens

Truong Thang kitchens are made of natural materials with the combination of modern production technology and manufacturing techniques from skilled craftsman. Natural wood with air -purified and moisture balancing ability can create a healthy living environment. We have developed a diverse collection of styles ranging from classic to modern; from simple kitchenettes to luxury with island. Storage system, opening – closing and moving solutions are also integrated intelligently and logically. Other elements such as a bar, extendable tables can be added to turn your kitchen into a living center for family and friends.

Dimension & Material


Optimize storage space

Storage solutions keep ingredients and cooking utensils at your reach. Drawers with integrated premium thin walls and extended dimension.

Legrabox will increase your storage space up to 70% compared to conventional drawers. The full - open angle makes it easy to get items inside. For hard-to-reach locations such as kitchen dead corners, we integrate a half-rotating and full-open shelves that can bring deep items in the kitchen corner outside to help users easily take things.

Drawers organisation

Drawers will be arranged more scientifically thanks to dedicated trays. All utensils have been no longer messed up, each position is clearly divided to help you easily take-out and put-back kitchen items.
Individual modules, such as knifes, spoon and spices tray sets can be configured to suit the preferences and individual needs of each user.