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Truong Thang Natural Wood Living Room Furniture

The living room is an important space because it is the center of the house and welcomes friends, guests. Therefore, the space should show the elegance and friendliness.

The living room furniture sets of Truong Thang are very diverse and unique. All products are made from high quality natural wood materials. Besides aesthetics, products also ensure high durability. The wooden surface with special finishing, allows for easy care. This also helps maintain the beauty of the wood over time.

Diverse product system

Truong Thang provides a diverse solutions with TV cabinets, stools, coffee tables… The modern and sophisticated way of manufacturing make your space being beautiful and unique.

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TV cabinet

Coffee Table



Working desk


Unique features in each product

Living room furniture with scientific and sophisticated design

Truong Thang creates living room furniture sets scientifically and delicately. The design of each products focus on showing slimness and soft corner details. The floating effect creates an aesthetic while bringing a light and free inspiration into overall.

High-quality hardwares integrated in living room furniture sets

All products are integrated with high-quality European standard hardware solutions for smooth opening and closing movements. Those hardwares include slide rail, damping hinges… The monolithic design highlights the naturalness of materials and creates harmony between the collections.

See more about Truong Thang natural wool furniture here.

Quality craftsmanship

Each Truong Thang living room furniture is a work of art. We create all the collections with fine details that emphasize the skills and experiences of artisans. And divide the finishing process into smalls steps on account of complex properties.

In addition, high requirements for meticulousness and aesthetics create the “most genuine touching emotions”.

Our furniture products are a combination of many factors: R&D, materials, creativity, design, processing technology. So that the solution will bring customers the highest satisfaction with the most reasonable price.

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