Modern trendy wooden kitchen cabinets

Sixty Series Kitchen

Price as demo: 205.000.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak

Kitchen layout:


Sixty Series - Modern trendy wooden kitchen cabinets
  • Materials: North American Oak/Walk
  • Hardware: Hinges, rails, Blum Aventos stay-lifts
  • Worktop: Vicostone Quartz
  • Kitchen layout: Customized
  • Suitable with the spaces of townhouses, penthouses, and villas with a large area

Sixty Series modern kitchen is impressive with a thoughtful design language and an distinctive gray tone. Moreover, stylish modern kitchen with impressive functions and scientific layout create a great cooking experience.


Actual image of Truong Thang Sixty Series modern kitchen cabinets with I + Island layout

Additionally, Sixty Series modern kitchen draws first attention from its color. The Cenere Oak color was inspired by mossy natural materials over the years. Truong Thang have sanded and finished the wood grains in the most natural way. Therefore, our product is creating a touch and feel sense. We have also combined a stylish appearance with optimal functionality. The functional solutions include extendable bar or dining room. Therefore, the product is a great combination for your kitchen space.


1. High quality imported natural materials

Truong Thang have selected natural wood veneer for the main decorative material of the kitchen. The veneer wood comes from the healthiest forests in Europe and North America. Planted and exploited under FSC (International Plantation Certification) standard. The FSC certifies that only prioritize the use of sustainable renewable materials. All selected wood logs are dried and sliced into veneer sheets with the thickness of 0.6 to 1mm.

We offer you two option of Oak and Walnut veneer. The reason for choosing these two types of wood is all about wonderful advantages of them. Both Oak and Walnut are hardwood with the ability to resist termites naturally. And in the form of veneer, your kitchen won’t be warping or shrinking and also material saving. They also have beautiful and unique wood grain that enhance your kitchen space.


High-quality materials create benign and friendly kitchen cabinets

In addition, we use HMR for the core of elements because of its anti-warping and shrinking. Truong Thang only choose E1 HMR with the formaldehyde concentration of approximately zero. So that your modern kitchen assure to be safe for your health and friendly with indoor air. We also use lead-free paint for the highest safety requirements. This ensures safety, benignity, and friendliness for the kitchen. Moreover, the modern kitchen cabinets surface finishing methods also contribute significantly. As a result, this helps to enhance the durability of the entire wood veneer surface over the time.

2. Modern kitchen with an incredible storage capacity

Another impressive feature of Sixty Series modern kitchen cabinets is the storage. In fact, its capacity is increased up to 40% compare to conventional kitchen cabinets. We have developed the solution of high cabinets. In fact, this is definitely a very useful cabinet for your kitchen. It provide large space for storing many types of groceries and food. And with integrated large drawers, the cabinet maximize its function. You can easily access to needed items without taking out all the things inside. In addition, the interior of drawers has also added dividing trays. The trays for spoons, knifes, folks… This solution helps keep your cooking utensils at hand.


Sixty Series modern kitchen cabinets with outstanding storage function

In addition, high cabinets solution also helps to optimize the space between the upper and lower cabinets. Furthermore, all of cabinet compartments have an ideal width of 60cm. This dimension is compatible with most kitchen equipment perfectly. Of course, it allows neat installation of appliances such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers… And it also optimize the storage space.

3. Convergence of smart functional solutions

The entire Sixty Series modern kitchen is integrated with leading hardware solutions from Blum. Includes mobility solutions such as hinges, stay-lifts, and rails with refined designs. All hardware is imported directly from Austria, and are warranted for a lifetime. High-quality hardware is also contributes to prolonging your kitchen. All create a smooth movement for users’ opening and closing experience. There are also door buffer integrated onto the inside of kitchen door. The buffer can help reduce noise when closing. Making your kitchen to be more gentle and high-end.


High-end hardware contribute to the longevity of the entire kitchen cabinet system

The handle is in the middle for convenient opening and closing. Especially to help limit direct contact with wooden surfaces when hands are wet. Stainless steel material also ensure high durability for the handle. This accessory is also imported from UK with the highest quality.

4. Solution to connect space with extended dining table

Moreover, another highlight of the Sixty Series kitchen cabinets is the solution to integrate the extended dining table into the kitchen island area. This integration can increase space connectivity. The thick monolithic dining table is ideal for cozy family gatherings. The table size is suitable for 4-5 people. And users can also customize it to become a small bar. The addition of an expansive dining table makes the kitchen the centerpiece of the home. Especially a place to create a warm and harmonious connection for the whole family.


Sixty Series modern wooden kitchen cabinets with dining table expand space connection

Indeed, the extendable dining table/ bar made of Oak/ Walnut wood enhances your kitchen in terms of aesthetic and function. You can use it as an preparation space for cooking. Or decide to make it for your fast meals. There is even space for you to combine a small shelf for storage or decoration. So that your Sixty Series is an desired all-in-one kitchen.

5. Distinctive color of modern kitchen 

In conclusion, Sixty Series wooden kitchen cabinets stand out with fancy Cenere Oak color inspired by natural weathering materials. Combined with the sinewy wood surface, it brings a very unique aesthetic effect. It is spreading poetry, mixing a bit of solid style, double waves with a well-groomed appearance. In addition, you can also coordinate with Truong Thang color palette.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • 3-Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance.

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