Horizontal kitchen

Price as demo: 215.000.000VNĐ


Horizontal kitchen cabinets with unique horizontal wood grain effect
  • Materials: North American Oak/Walk
  • Hardware: Hinges, rails, Blum Aventos stay-lifts 
  • Worktop: Vicostone Quartz 
  • Kitchen layout: Can be customized
  • Designed to suit the spaces of townhouses, penthouses, and villas with a large area

Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets collection is classy and completely different. The horizontal wood grain is polished to every millimeter. As a result, bringing an open effect to the space. Horizontal is fully arranged with smart functions for kitchen facilities.

Truong Thang Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets possess a unique beauty. This beauty comes from a uniform appearance. Because horizontal wood grain is so challenging design, it tells a story of delicateness. The wood grain effect also creates an unmistakable uniqueness. Therefore, this collection is ideal choice for those who love wood and distinctive feature.


Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets – Classy from unique horizontal wood grain


1. Premium wood veneer kitchen cabinets

Horizontal is a modern wooden kitchen cabinet made of high quality healthy and safety materials. The cabinet system also includes Oak / Walnut options. And these types of wood are imported directly from North America and Europe.

The cabinet interior is made of scratch-resistant melamine coated HMR. This material with E1 certification show that formaldehyde concentration approximately 0. So, it is also friendly with users’ health. Truong Thang also use HMR for the core of doors and panel to eliminate warping and shrinking…

For the surface of Horizontal, we choose veneer as the main decorative jewelry. Each veneer sheet comes from the healthiest wood logs with the thickness of 0.6-1mm. They are cut in to certain dimension. And after that laid on the surface of HMR with another for matching pattern. We also use specialized veneer sewing machine to link veneer sheets together. As a result, we have a large size of veneer coating for HMR that is very eye-catching. The difference of each veneer makes Horizontal modern wood kitchen cabinets a one-of-a-kind artwork. Wood grain spreading horizontally make the kitchen become more open and airy.


Horizontal wood grain effect makes the kitchen space more airy

2. Modern wooden kitchen cabinets with built-in outstanding functions

Horizontal stands out for its functional solutions. One of them is the optimal storage capacity of up to 40% thanks to multi-level built-in drawers. The drawer is also smart inside. There are also various options for cooking utensils storage. Such as divider tray for spoon and folks, knife tray,… As a result, these accessories help keep kitchen utensils at hands.


Multi-level drawer with integrated tray for kitchen utensils

L-shaped, U-shaped corners of kitchen cabinets is very hard to reach. So with the solution of Leman Corner and Magic Corner, they becomes more accessible. The 3/4 and full opening angle mechanism allows all items to be taken out more easily. These corner also loads a large number of items inside the cabinet effectively.


The Leman Corner make the most of storage space of the kitchen

Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets open to a comfortable cooking space. All appliances such as sink and tap, stoves, hoods to ovens, microwaves, coffee makers,… are installed neatly and aesthetically in each separate cabinet.

Besides, tower cabinets are also a brilliant solution for storage. They take advantage of the space between lower and upper cabinets. Therefore, this solution is very useful for storing groceries and dried food.


Modern kitchen appliances such as undermounted sinks are highly aesthetic and easy to clean

A plus point of Horizontal kitchen is the countertop made of quartz stone. The ultimate material that has plenty of advantages. First of all, that quartz stone is strong and water-resistant. This material is also heat bearing. And can be resurface for long term use.

3. High-end imported European hardware

Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets are integrated with most ultimate hardware from Blum. Including straight base hinge linked with rubber grouting to ensure against sagging. This hardware is also satisfy the requirement of aesthetic.

The upper cabinet for dishes becomes more functional with European built-in stay-lift. This hardware has optimal functions such as multi-stop and anti-jamming. To make sure the safety for your kitchen area. While the vertical opening direction limits collisions and obstructs traffic.


Anti-jamming multi-point stop stay lift for easy opening and closing

Besides, these solutions also elevate the kitchen thanks to smooth motion. All hardware is imported directly from Austria, and are warranted for a lifetime. High-quality hardware is also contributes to prolonging your kitchen.

The handle is in the middle for convenient opening and closing. Especially to help limit direct contact with wooden surfaces when hands are wet. Stainless steel material also ensure high durability for the handle.

4. Smart and convenient structural solution


Modular construction allows for easy installation and dismantling

Module options vary from 450mm to 1200mm depending on the storage needs of the user. Thanks to the integration of high-end hardware and accessories, the drawer is guaranteed not to sag when loaded with many items. In addition, all opening and closing operations also become light and smooth. Any part that needs repair or replacement can also be replaced without dismantling the entire kitchen. Besides, the packaging of modules with separate functions also makes it easy for customers to choose.

5. Kitchen island – storage and living center

The remarkable amenities of Horizontal modern wooden kitchen cabinets are concentrated on the kitchen island. So this is not only a storage area. But also a center for communication, living, cooking and enjoying. This place is also ideal for your family and friends gathering.

Depending on your aesthetic ideas and personal needs, you can choose to install a bar or an extended dining table,… To make the most of the kitchen island’s functionality. The kitchen island is also quipped with modern functions. Such as built-in drawer, tip-on handless opening solution…


  • Nationwide delivery and installation .
  • 3 Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance.

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