Neoclassic Kitchen

The beginning of healthy meals starts with a healthy neoclassic kitchen

Truong Thang Neoclassical Kitchen Cabinets

Neoclassical kitchen cabinets is the perfect combination between traditional beauty and modern style. This creates smart, luxurious and elegant kitchen collections.

The products have an aristocratic and elite look. But they are still innovative, friendly, and gracious in beauty. 

The neoclassical structure emphasizes the storage role of high cabinets. Those provide spaces for appliances and storage. The kitchen with large island brings a sense of comfort to users. Furthermore, classical design expresses the natural materials while reducing intricate carvings. So that collections remain the traditional spirit without being outdated.

The products are the ideal choice for people who love wood and delicate craftsmanship. 

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Kitchen Cabinets

Neoclassic kitchen cabinets with optimized storage spaces

Neoclassic kitchen cabinets of Truong Thang with smart storage solutions help to keep ingredients and cookware within your reach. 

All drawer integrated thin-edged box rails increase storage space up to 40% compared to the conventional drawer. The neoclassic kitchen cabinets’ solution of full opening angle makes it easer to access all kinds of stuff inside. 

See more design ideas for Truong Thang kitchen here.

Scientific distribution in each drawer

Truong Thang’s kitchen effectively support the arrangement of items. There would be no more mixing of cutlery, and each position is clearly divided. This makes the take-out and put-in operations much more convenient.

Individual modules such as knives, spice trays, tableware can be designed in a way that functionally suits best each person’s individual preferences.

Optimize the drawers
– By using wide drawers instead of two narrow ones, neoclassic kitchens increase up to 15% storage space.
– Large depth drawers expand the storage space by 30%.
– High drawers with closed walls facilitate stacking of items, increase storage space up to 55%.


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