The perfect combination of modern and minimalism

Neva TV Cabinet

Price as demo: 15.560.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Neva natural wooden TV cabinet
  • Minimalist & modern design, suitable for a variety of urban living spaces
  • Materials HMR with natural veneer (Oak/Walnut veneer)
  • Water-resistant, durable lacquer finish
  • 3-Years warranty

Neva natural wooden TV cabinet from Truong Thang is a delicate combination between open shelves and a modern drawer system. In particular, these products are for those who love the empty space to display books or lovely decorations.


The wooden TV cabinet has a minimalist design. In particular, users can put the cabinet separate from the TV (in the case of a wall-mounted TV) or used to place the TV on. Inside the TV cabinet is a storage compartment. Obviously, this storage is a place for entertainment devices, such as DVD players, amplifiers, microphones;… or books, newspapers, magazines, and decorative items,…


1. Crafted from high-quality 100% natural wood

Healthy natural oak and walnut tree trunks in North American plantations are the main material of Neva natural wooden TV cabinet from Truong Thang. In fact, this wood group has outstanding advantages of durability and good termite resistance. And of course, it is also suitable for Vietnam’s climate. Source of planted timber and obtained FSC certificate on sustainable forest management and exploitation. E1, CARB P2 certifications ensure the material is safe for the health of the user.


The TV cabinet is made from natural oak wood with youthful, bright, and energetic tones


Natural wooden walnut TV cabinet with warm tones is a luxurious highlight for the living room space

2. wooden TV cabinet with exquisite and convenient design

Furthermore, Neva is a combination of open shelves and modern drawers. Therefore, this product is suitable for those who love slim, light beauty. Moreover, the space below the Neva TV cabinet opens up a space for books and lovely décor. Drawer compartments and wooden shelves from the inside out highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain.


The producer has researched and developed for sophisticated design and perfectly meets the needs of users of Neva wooden TV cabinet

3. Using high-end accessories for Neva wooden TV cabinet

Besides, the intelligently distributed drawers integrate a premium slide solution from Blum. As a result, the product helps to increase the lifespan of the Neva natural wood TV cabinet system. At the same time, it also ensures smooth and noiseless movements.


Neva wooden TV cabinet integrates high-class accessories to increase product comfort and durability

4. Harmony of aesthetics and function

Neva natural wood TV cabinet is in the form of drawers with delicate beveled handles for a minimalist look. Particularly, the cabinet has recessed legs and beveled at 45-degree angle wooden edges. Therefore, this design creates a fancy floating effect. Additionally, the middle compartment increases balance and is the highlight of the entire cabinet system.


Neva TV cabinet is the pride of owners by the harmonious combination of aesthetics and functions

5. Natural wooden TV cabinet with outstanding durability

Moreover, the Neva TV cabinet system has minimum durability of 20 years or more. Under normal use conditions, the lifespan of the cabinet system can be over 25 years. Concurrently, the artisans have finished the wood material carefully. Therefore, the product creates a durable beauty and ensures the quality of the product system. Moreover, it can also dispel the worries of owners about shrinkage or expansion problems.


Neva TV cabinet brings peace of mind and helps save costs incurred for homeowners with high durability

6. Highlights for the interior space to be more elegant

Neva TV cabinet is suitable for a variety of modern living spaces. From apartments, townhouses to penthouses and luxury villas. Besides, the design has a beauty that is suitable for interior styles from neoclassical to modern. As a result, this is a perfect highlight; where families share happy moments or have fun when gatherings with relatives and friends.

* Refer to the video introducing models of Truong Thang TV cabinets.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping inner city
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime Maintenance

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