1.Is Truong Thang furniture easy to clean? 

    Natural wood has anti-dust feature so you will not spend much time and effort to clean and take care. See more maintenance instructions for each material here


2.Does Truong Thang offer customize design ?

    In order to facilitate and speed up the process of designing, manufacturing and installing, we have created collections with optimal design, performance, using of natural materials at the best price. These collections are the basis for us to develop the most reasonable design based on the situation of your home space.

3.Truong Thang's product warranty policy and what does it include?

    The warranty period: 03 years warranty for Truong Thang kitchen cabinets, wooden doors and floors. The warranty only applies to products manufactured and distributed by Truong Thang; the function of accessories belongs to the original design of the product or the arising technique and problems related to product installation (if performed by the Truong Thang technical team). You can see more details at our warranty policy page.

4.Where does the Truong Thang's original of raw materials?

    As committed to sustainable development, Truong Thang only use imported wood from sustainable sources in the United States and Europe, using auxiliary materials such as paint and glue that meet international standards for lead and formaldehyde content to ensure health for consumers, especially young children.

5.Why should I use Truong Thang furniture?

    We have 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and constructing products such as: kitchen cabinets; wooden doors and floors; dining room, living rooms and bedrooms furnitures. The materials used by Truong Thang meet FSC, PEFC, CARB P2 certificates for sustainable wood resources; E1 international standard on formaldehyde concentration, safe for users’ health. Our products have been exported to fastidious markets like the US and Europe. Functional solutions are researched and developed for each product line, meet the needs of Vietnamese people. The complete supply chain allows Truong Thang to bring finished furniture products directly to customers with the best prices.