Pasha wooden wardrobe - 4 wing doors
Slim & elegant figure

Pasha wardrobe

Price as demo: 65.000.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak

Wardrobe system:


Pasha veneer natural wood wardrobe
  • Pasha wardrobe for customers who appreciate natural beauty and elegant style
  • Product size can be customized according to the actual space, it is possible to be integrated an up-to-ceiling storage system
  • The wardrobe system features a warm and delicate natural wood grain surface, combined with slender wooden strips of handle
  • The product is integrated with high quality hardware and accessory solutions such as hinges, drawers…
  • Materials: HMR covered with natural wood veneer (Oak wood / Walnut wood) mixed paint
  • 3-year warranty

Pasha veneer wardrobe harmonizes natural wood with beautiful textures, with the modern character of monochrome tones. Moreover, it possesses outstanding storage potential and science for your interior style. Product size can be customized according to the actual space.


Truong Thang Pasha wardrobe natural wood veneer 


1. Wardrobe from natural wood veneer

The first and most core feature of Pasha wardrobe comes from materials. FSC standard veneers are selected from the strongest timbers. And then impregnated, dried, and imported directly from North America. Basically, veneer possesses the original characteristics of wood. Therefore, your wardrobe looks natural. Furthermore, veneer wood is more saving than solid wood. It is also more stable, no warping, shrinkage.

Our artisans also use moisture-resistant HMR for the core. The material is thick, resistant to warping, and good termites. Truong Thang also use certified E1, CARB P2 HMR with formaldehyde concentration approximately 0. In fact, this is the standard for assessing materials that are safe for indoor air and users’ health. In addition, HMR also has good mold resistance, which helps the product retain its high durability.

Besides, the additives used in making Pasha wardrobes are also provided by reputable partners. Putting safety first, Truong Thang only chooses E1-standard adhesives and lead-free paint. To make sure our products are safe from inside out. The product with two options of Oak and Walnut veneer create different aesthetic nuances. So that your wardrobe looks like an artwork.



The product is a combination of high-quality materials to solve the drawbacks of warping, shrinkage, termites

2. Neutral, trendy design of Pasha natural wood wardrobe

Moreover, the  Pasha veneer wardrobe is a mix of natural colors of wood and neutral monochrome. Creating an elegant and striking appearance. The product is the result of a combination of modern technology and craftsmanship. Besides, CNC technology allows high-precision wing frame details. Meanwhile, craftsmanship creates an aesthetic imprint on the surface finish. Every inch of wood pattern is sanded and elaborated by experienced artisans.

Furthermore, the horizontal pattern from veneer wood creates an attractive feature. Moreover, the horizontal pattern is a crafting challenge. And not every manufacturer can do. In fact, only modern CNC technology can achieve these details. Slim wooden strip handles also give Pasha an original natural look. Additionally, the one-sided opening handle creates minimalism for this wardrobe system. But still satisfies all functional factors.


Pasha veneer wardrobe with trendy, and neutral design that suitable for a variety of interior styles

3. Smart storage space inside the wardrobe

The interior compartment of Pasha natural wooden wardrobe was created in two versions for men and women. Based on the study of specificity of both genders, Truong Thang has developed these two options. It should include men’s/ women’s accessories storage drawers, pants hangers, or women’s dress hangers… The separate storage division makes it easy for customers to identify storage needs and make the right choices. In addition, our designer have come up with an idea of 2 in 1 drawer. This solution provide you place where to store small accessories and pants. And it is proved to be very useful for men and women.


The wardrobe interior with storage solutions for men and women

Besides, the interior compartment also has LED lighting solution. The lighting will turn on and off automatically when opening and closing the wardrobe. These LED lights can be also charged easily. Particularly, one charge allows up to 3 months of use for the next charge. Therefore, the accessories are easy to disassemble into the cabinet compartment thanks to fixed magnets.

4. Veneer natural wood wardrobe with Premium built-in hardware

Pasha has premium hardware solutions from Blum. Includes built-in straight hinges, shock absorber drawers for smooth motion. In addition, there are also connectors imported directly from Europe; which help the cabinet system achieve up to 20 years of durability. These hardware is also guaranteed lifetime following Blum’s policy.

Moreover, each door of the cabinet also has a rubber that makes the operation of opening and closing with no noise. So with these solution hardware, your wardrobe becomes more and more convenient. We have integrated the drawer inside the cabinet compartment with the auxiliary damper slide rail for smooth movement.

5. Modular structure is easy to customize

Separate functional components make up the overall cabinet system. This particular texture allows for easy dimensional customization to the actual space. Users can make any repair or replacement conveniently. But not have to dismantle the entire wardrobe system. The convenience of modular design also offers the potential for reuse when moving or building new house. 

Truong Thang provide you a large option from 2 to 6-wing-door. For the wardrobe interior, we have also developed separate storage solutions for men and women. These solutions come from researches about types of clothes of both gender. In conclusion, Pasha wardrobe system fits for a variety of interior styles. You can also choose an expand option for up-to-ceiling module to increase storage space. 


Pasha wardrobe with smart modular construction is very easy to be installed and dismantled


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide 
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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