Instructions for cleaning the handles
Use a moist wash cloth with a small amount of cleaning solution to clean the handle. Note: The cloth for furniture product care must be soft. Do not use raw cloths and concentrated detergents to avoid mechanical abrasion.
Instructions for kitchen worktop cleaning
Use a soft cloth or sponge piece to clean the kitchen countertops. You can use soap, clean water or mild detergent - free abrasive ingredients for daily furniture product care. With stubborn stains like:

- Coffee or food: Immediately wipe off the surface with a soft cloth and warm water. If necessary, use additional specialized cleaning solutions (pH 6-8).

- Bubble gum: use cardboard to remove gum, then wipe and rinse with clean water. Do not use the following items to clean the stone surface: acetone, microwave cleaning solution, detergent, toilet cleaning solution, sponge or hard objects that can cause scratches. Do not cut food on the stone surface, use rock surfaces for drilling cut, or place sharp objects on the surface to avoid scratching.
Instruction for taking care of wood and veneer surfaces
- Use a thin or a wet cloth, squeeze and gently wipe in the direction of the wood grain to remove all dirt on the surface. To furniture product care, avoid using raw cloth, sponge, steel scouring pads to clean the product because it can cause scratches on the surface.
- If necessary, add a little natural pH detergent to the water to thorough removal of dirt. Do not use window cleaning products, alcohol-based cleaners, or highly alkaline detergents such as: detergent or acidic products such as vinegar or abrasive substances, milk scouring agents or scouring powder.
- After wiping with a wet towel, use a dry towel to wipe the surface of the wood again. Avoid using too wet towels to clean the surface and prevent moisture or other liquids from settling on the surface because this can cause wood damage.
- Do not let fat or other contaminants maculate on the surface. If so, it must be cleaned immediately.
- When exposed to moist or dry air, the wood will have expand or shrink reactions even thoroughly painted. Therefore, kitchen cabinets should be placed in the ideal temperature and humidity environment.
Instructions for taking care of accessories
Slide rails and hinges must be clean to ensure smooth operation. You can use a brush to scrub the dirt on the rails. Do not lubricate these accessories with grease or oil-based products. Periodically check the connection details after a period of using to do the furniture product care if necessary.
Instructions for taking care of wooden floors
- Use a broom, dry mop or vacuum cleaner to clean dirt. Then, wipe the surface of the wooden floor with a moist cloth or using appropriate detergent.
- Water spilled on the floor should be dried immediately, avoiding the case of water soaking under the floor.
- For some stubborn stains such as long-term grease, coffee, ink, paint stains, shoe polish, etc. you can use some neutral floor cleaners.
- Do not place hot objects directly on the floor such as: Iron, hot pots for a long time because they can damage the floor surface.
- Put extra foot rugs in kitchens and in front of toilets to do the furniture product care.
- Close windows when it rains to avoid water splashing into homes for a long time, causing bad effects on wooden floors.
- Should attach additional pads below the pointed legs objects to avoid scratches after a period of use.
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Instructions for taking care of paint & coating surfaces
- The paint is manually coated to many layers, creating a depth effect and protecting the surface for a long time. This coated is easy to clean and can last on the surface if properly maintained. Therefore, all stains can be removed easily without much effort or using detergents.

- While doing the furniture product care, make sure the cleaning items such as towels, sponge pieces... must be very clean to avoid scratches or dirt on the cabinet surface.