Solid natural wooden frame mirror

Karina Mirror

Price as demo: 9.180.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Karina Full-body Wooden Frame Mirror
  • Suitable for the entrance hall, living room, bedroom
  • Unique combination of full body mirror and clothes rack
  • Materials: North American Oak/Walnut wood
  • Product is easy and quick to install
  • 3 year warranty

Karina full body wooden frame mirror is an indispensable accessory for the bedroom, living room, and apartment entrance hall spaces. In addition to the main function, the mirror frame also provide  modern and convenient storage such as clothes hangers, bags, etc.


1. Crafted from North American Oak/Walnut wood

Karina full body wooden frame mirror is entirely crafted from North American imported Oak/Walnut wood. These are sustainable raw materials with FSC certification. Selected from the healthiest timber wood logs. Pre-processed, impregnated, and dried to meet the requirements of physicochemical characteristics.

The source of hard natural wood is strong, not warped, shrinkage, expansion. The natural essential oil contained in the wood possesses good resistance to termite and outstanding durability. In addition, colors and beautiful wood textures are the keys to make a difference to the finished product. Karina full-body wooden frame mirrors are suitable for modern space designs.


Truong Thang Premium Karina Full Body Wooden Frame Mirror

2. Full body natural wooden frame mirror with modern and minimalist design

The minimalist design language exudes the original natural lines of the material. Simplicity in the decorative details makes the mirror frame more trendy. The mirror design on one side and the hangers on the other side make Karina full-body wooden frame mirror highly applicable in many different areas of the house. Enhancing the aesthetic of your hallway, living room or bedroom.

3. The combination of modern technology and exquisite craftsmanship

The angular details are precisely cut, chamfered, and coupled. That precision was achieved thanks to modern CNC systems. Besides, the distinctive mark of the product also comes from fine craftsmanship. Truong Thang have artisans with many years of experience in working with wood. Therefore, they can understand and highlight all of distinctive features of the product. All corners and surfaces are sanded and finished meticulously .

Every centimeter is well-cared in order to show the purest outline of the wood in the clearest way. Moreover, the finishing method with lacquer paint help preserve the authentic feeling on the product surface. The high-quality paint from UK also has advantages of colorfastness. Therefore, your product can be used up to more than 20 years. We also prioritize the safety so that the paint must be safe for users’ health.


The product is delicate and possesses a handy function for users

4. Indispensable accessory for living space

Karina is more than just a basic full-body mirror. The product also has a breath of nature and modern nuances. Oak and Walnut frame mirror also create different shades for the space. Depending on your overall design requirements, you can choose between Oak or Walnut frame. If the Oak option has a natural, elegant taste. Then the Walnut option reveals a warm, luxurious beauty. 

Besides the main function, Karina wooden frame mirror also has several hooks for jackets, shawls, bags… Which add style and personality to the space where the product is located. The product is also an indispensable accessory for any housing space. 


Karina with oak / walnut option brings different shades to the living room, bedroom, and entrance hall


  • Nationwide delivery and installation
  • 3 year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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