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Studio Kitchen

Price as demo: 151.809.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Walnut

Kitchen Layout:


Studio modern kitchen cabinets
  • Unique design, full of creativity and liberal
  • Full potential of kitchen cabinets (display, reception, work…)
  • The kitchen cabinets system is suitable for apartments, villas,…
  • Materials: North American Oak / Walnut wood, no warping, good termite resistance.
  • 3-year warranty and periodic maintenance
  • The above price does not include the divider tray and kitchen equipment such as induction cooker, range hood, sink, faucet, etc.

A modern kitchen cabinet for young people who are passionate about innovation. The studio possesses a unique, irregular design that removes traditional aesthetic barriers. And so, the cabinet system itself also represents the generous owner, eager to assert his own quality. So special, but Studio modern kitchen cabinets still satisfy the use value from storage to living.


You can see that the design of Studio modern kitchen cabinets is a combination of fashion, music and technology elements. As a young person, surely you will find these fields too familiar, right? Indeed, these are what are intimately linked to the lives of Millennials.

At the age of abundant creativity, you work hard, and get some remarkable achievements. You start to own your own living space. And making it different is certainly not unexpected. This is also the premise that motivated Truong Thang designers to launch this collection.

We invite you to discover what’s interesting about this Studio modern kitchen cabinets!


Studio modern kitchen cabinets  – New style kitchen style statement

1. Modern kitchen cabinets Studio and creative design

With Truong Thang team, we consider creativity as the guideline for all of our designs. And for Studio, we see this as a very different creative challenge. The kitchen cabinet system for young people is liberal based on a combination of fashion, music and technology elements.

  • Fashion inspiration from materials

In terms of fashion, this factor relates to the choice and combination of materials. While wood is often said to be aged, or even old-fashioned. Here, we did it differently by choosing another variation of wood – veneer. The use of veneer wood instead of solid wood also shows the spirit of respecting nature. In tune with the trend of sustainable consumption. Wide-format veneers spread evenly over large cabinet doors are a major design challenge for kitchen cabinet creators. Skillfully polished by Truong Thang artisan into a perfect robe.


Natural wood veneer material creates a unique highlight

Meanwhile, the main base layer is the matte lacquered surfaces. Matte surfaces are commonly found on a number of high-tech devices over the past decade. Now appears on your Studio kitchen cabinets. Youthful white monochromatic paint contrasts with dark wood accents. All create a unique and individual whole. The lacquer technique helps the paint to adhere to the HMR surface. At the same time keep the color for a long time and effectively prevent fingerprints. We also added aluminum plinth to the kitchen cabinets to create a better sense of floating effect and moisture resistance.

  • Is there a connection between kitchen cabinets and music?

It may sound hard to believe, but music also inspires the design of Studio modern kitchen cabinets. And that is a very new experience Truong Thang design styles. In terms of the overall layout, Studio kitchen cabinets are inspired by the different highs and lows of a piano piece. Shown in the purposeful difference between the extension table and the kitchen countertop. The wall cladding is adjacent to the bottom of the hanging shelf with a gap from the bottom of the upper cabinets. Creates an impression of a pause in the climax of the piece. The contrast between the light and dark blocks is also inspired by the harmoniously interwoven black and white keys. All create a lively and modern kitchen space.


The overall design with the inspiration by low-pitched music

  • Studio modern kitchen cabinets with technological elements

The technology on the Studio modern kitchen cabinets opens up great functionality for a modern kitchen. Can be mentioned as the multi-point stop assist lifter. Combined with super-safe anti-jamming feature and allows for gentle opening/closing. In addition, there is also a large drawer with a box-shaped drawer solution for optimal storage. Or a straight-base hinge with smart closing power assist. Besides, the noise when closing the cabinet is also suppressed thanks to the high-class Italian door buffers. Kitchen cabinets are greatly compatible with advanced kitchen equipment. For example, a stand-alone range hood, a trendy accent to your kitchen.


Power-assisted lifting arm with multi-point stop for easy and safe operation

2. Kitchen for people who don’t usually go to the kitchen

Does this idea go against the core function of a kitchen? And what does the kitchen for people who rarely cooks look like? Well, as you can see, the Studio is absolutely a complete kitchen with all the necessary functions. Even if you are a busy owner, you have little time to cook. Once needed, you still feel the comfort and convenience when in the kitchen. All the most essential kitchen items are planned for the most organized and neat storage. Make sure to keep everything within easy reach and aesthetically pleasing.


Kitchens for people with less access to the kitchen do not mean cutting down on amenities

  • Highlight with unique hanging cabinet design

The upper cabinet consists of 2 cabinet compartments linked together. And covered by a cabinet door up to 1.8m long (a super impressive size). The unique look of the cabinet allows our designers to deftly draw attention to the beautiful wood grain veneer. Make this detail a unique highlight for your kitchen. The height of the upper cabinets of 2.05m also makes it easier to access. Adjacent to the upper cabinet is an independent hood with a modern touch panel. This appliance also adds a trendy nuance to your overall kitchen.


Veneer upper cabinet block with 1.8m broad wings becomes a unique highlight for the whole

  • Honoring the leading role of lower kitchen cabinets

While wall cabinets are restrained, all functions are concentrated in the base kitchen cabinets area. This is really a “refueling station” to supplement your nutrition for you. Even if it’s a simple meal, you still need a place to put ingredients, cook and arrange. And the quickness comes not only from the minimalist menu but also from the scientific layout of the kitchen. So here, we have combined the function modules for storing knives and cutting boards. You also have a place to store pots, pans, bowls, and chopsticks,…just below the hob.


Removable trays with separate storage functions, divide items scientifically

3. Unleash the potential of your Studio’s modern kitchen cabinets

The idea of ​​liberation in the design of Studio kitchen cabinets is reflected in the value of form and expanded function. Exquisite wood-paneled open shelves and integrated dining tables are two iconic elements of this concept. Not just a kitchen, Studio also stores and displays your personal values. A multi-level open shelf system allows you to use it as a separate corner for decoration. You can combine it with a few favorite books, add a little green with trees, or mix a few rare vinyl records… The creative potential is entirely up to you.


With a little transformation, the kitchen also becomes a miniature gallery showing your own personality

Meanwhile, we also offer you an extended dining table with slender metal legs. Allow booking to add 2-3 more seats suitable for intimate meetings. The standard height of the table also fulfills the role of a desk. Ensure your comfort when sitting for long periods of time.


The extended dining table is also ideal for working or chatting

With all the differences in design, Studio modern kitchen cabinets are a unique creation. Therefore, this collection is the perfect choice for homeowners who love to be different, not stereotyped. The kitchen cabinet system is also harmonious in different interior spaces. It can be an official apartment, a studio, a penthouse, or a luxury villa.


  • Design, manufacture, and installation of package
  • Finishing only from 15 days for the product 
  • 3-years warranty. Lifetime maintenance. 

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