[Full Furnish] Blue Sky apartment natural oak bedroom set – Tan Binh

This Blue Sky 2-bedroom apartment with elegant natural oak furniture still looks like brand new in spite of being constructed more than 7 years.

Ms. Van Anh, the owner of this 2-bedroom apartment is a busy woman that usually travels between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. She bought this house 7 years ago and some of categories such as ceiling, wall, floor and bathroom had been basically finished. The sequently mainstream style and color of it are modern and white.

The sequently mainstream style and color of it are modern and white

“I love the combination of  minimalist and modern style and that is another reason for my decision on buying this house besides its convenient location. And I would also like this style for the interior.” said Ms. Van Anh.

We offered her the application of natural oak veneer for the furniture with white pigmented fronts. that are harmonious with white wall in the house. The reason for this application is both natural wood grain and white are neutral and easy to go with other pieces of furniture in terms of color and material.

All the furniture is made of oak veneer and wood with the natural color of wood and pigmented white as accent

There is an elegant beveled-handle TV cabinet laid opposite to a black leather sofa in the living room. A solid wood coffee table with cross and slender legs is also added. The combination of solid wood, veneer and soft leather creates a harmonious and calm space.

The beveled-handle TV cabinet with white fronts, veneer on top, bottom and both side looks simple and elegant
A solid wood coffee table with cross and slender legs is also added in the living area

The set of Cos dining table and bench which are totally made of oak wood match with the coffee table and create a seamless space transition. Curved details at corners of the table and bench are not only emphasize the beauty of wood but also ensure there will be no injury that causes by hitting bed legs.

Cos – The dining table set that is made of solid oak wood

The two bedrooms are equipped beds that come from our Refill collection. The V-shaped hidden leg is a well-crafted detail that helps prevent the risk of injury due to hitting with the bed legs like on traditional designs. The slightly curved tenon joints and optional headboard are meticulously crafted that make the bed look minimal, slender and floating.

Solid wood Refill bed – minimal, slender but very steady

Both sides of each bed are modern nightstands with white matte lacquered front. There are two additional wall cabinets opposite to the bed. Each nightstand is covered with delicate veneer on top and bottom. The high edge on top of the nightstand is to keep things from falling when placed in this area.

Both sides of each bed are modern nightstand with white matte lacquered front
The natural oak veneer mixed white lacquered wardrobe

In the master bedroom, there is a wall cabinet and a veneer and white plain door wardrobe system are opposite to the bed. The cabinet doors open a spacious interior storage space which is equipped a high-quality clothes hanger and integrated drawers. The wardrobe is also integrated smart lighting system that is automatically switches on and off when opening and closing.

The smart lighting system integrated is automatically switches on and off when opening and closing

Next to the floor-to-ceiling window is a drawer-integrated dresser where the owner use to do make up everyday.

Minimal dresser – where to cosset woman’s beauty

In this room, there was a big defect, which is the column that encroaches out, makes the room look unattractive. Therefore, we came up with a solution to make a veneer cladding for this column with a decorative shelves attached to the wardrobe. Veneer cladding with decorative shelves attached to the wardrobe properly cover the emergent column

For the smaller bedroom, a working desk is placed by the window with several shelves attached for stationary storage. The wide space on top of the desk can be used as a bay window.

The working desk with storage shelves combined is also used as a bay window

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  • Address: Blue Sky Apartment - Tan Binh District
  • Construction Items: Sleeping
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information Detail: Categories: living, dining, sleeping
  • Color Natural Oak veneer + Dairy (white)
  • Size (W x H x D):