[Full Furnish] Diamond Island Apartment – District 2

This full furnished 3-bedroom apartment of Ms. Phuong is oriented in a modern, minimalist style with dark mainstream color.

The open-plan kitchen is connected to the living and dining area to create a cohesive space for all family members, where the central location is converged at the kitchen island. The kitchen island without equipment is linked to an extendable table, ideal for guests, friends and family gathering as requested by the owner.

The TV cabinets embraces a large wall array with a similar Charcoal color tone to the kitchen cabinets, create a seamless transition between spaces. The highlight of the cabinets is the Cognac Oak veneer that surrounds and emphasizes the television.

In harmony with the light sofa is the neat-shape Neva 2 coffee table with drawers that allows convenient access from both sides. Next to the kitchen, there is a system of decorative wall cabinets, where the homeowner display décor stuffs and lovely plant pots.

Right at the door we installed a large shoe cabinets with a high unit integrated coat hook, umbrella hook and shoe racks inside. There is also a comfortable cushioned seat for sitting and wearing shoes.

The original apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms was converted by the owner into 2 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 1 bedroom for children) and 1 multi-function room, serving as a working room combined with a guest room.

Inside the master bedroom, besides the Eternity bed, nightstands, there is also a Tanka wardrobe system with wooden handles and featured horizontal veneer that combines with a TV cabinet.

Ms. Phuong would like her bedroom to be darkened because there is a large window in her room that allows more natural light goes in. That’s why we chose to combine Cenere and light gray tones that can absorb light to balance the natural light while adding a calm, relaxing look to the room.

A bay window located along the window seems like an oasis where the homeowner loves to spend time here for relaxing.

There is a sturdy wooden bunk bed with a drawer underneath in the children’s bedroom.

Next to the interior door is a wardrobe system with the same color as the master bedroom system, which is connected to the study desk and bookcase.

A wall inside the multi-function room is surrounded by a large cabinet which is integrated with a guest wardrobe connected to a large bookshelf.

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Over 15 years of establishment and development, Truong Thang has always been pursuing the ideal of building a natural oak and walnut interior ecosystem with the desire to bring customers high – quality and safe products that do not contain formaldehyde or lead content. If you are in need of interior design and construction for turnkey service or home renovation, please contact us immediately!

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  • Address: Diamond Island District 2
  • Construction Items:
  • Quantity: 211m2/unit
  • Information Detail: Categories: Kitchen, Living, Dining, Sleeping Multi-function room
  • Color Cenere Oak Veneer; Grey Lacquer Paint
  • Size (W x H x D):
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