[Full Furnish] Natural oak furniture for Celadon City Apartment – Tan Phu

This Celadon apartment interior space looks like being dressed in a gentle, elegant coat made of natural oak furniture and a unique color scheme.

The overall interior of the apartment is oriented in a modern and flexible style with oak as the main material. Right next to the door is a shoe cabinet system with decorative shelves cum wooden partition wall, separating the kitchen from the entrance hall and creating a border between the inside and outside, making the space inside the house clean.

For kitchen, due to the limited space in this area, the I-shaped layout is the perfect choice. The Floating kitchen with deep, hidden plinth creates a feeling of floating, gliding for the base cabinets and become a distinctive highlight bringing a different aesthetic to the kitchen. The cabinets are arranged with scientific functions and integrated with the most advanced hinges, rails, and arms from Europe, ensuring smooth movement.

A part of the kitchen is also separated from other areas of the house by a delicate sculptured wooden partition wall, forming a semi-open kitchen layout. A moderate distance from the kitchen is the dining area with the focus of the Dash dining table and the extremely solid wood bench. The dotted point of the space is a decorative wall cabinet with open shelves and a few beige wing doors.

Meanwhile, the synchronization between the dining room and the living room is unified with the replacement wall cabinets for the TV cabinets that stretch across the whole array covered of fabric texture wallpaper to the wood partition wall. The cabinet system attached to the wall makes the space underneath become more spacious. The Neva coffee table with a diagonal beveled cabinet and the empty storage compartment below becomes an interesting highlight for the living room space.

The oak material inside the bedroom has a positive effect on regulating emotions, bringing relaxation to homeowners after hard working hours. Eternity bed with solid wood legs hidden deep inside helps avoid collisions with the bed legs.

One side of the bed is a Latus nightstand with a solid original design, the other side is a desk and a slender wall-mounted bookshelf. Leaning close to the corner of the wall is a sliding door Swel wardrobe with a blend of oak veneer and gentle Dairy milky white.

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Over 15 years of establishment and development, Truong Thang has always been pursuing the ideal of building a natural oak and walnut interior ecosystem with the desire to bring customers high – quality and safe products that do not contain formaldehyde or lead content. If you are in need of interior design and construction for turnkey service or home renovation, please contact us immediately!

Choosing Truong Thang means you choose high-quality wooden furniture comes from natural materials, meticulously designed and crafted to suit the needs and living habits of Vietnamese, as well as practical house spaces.

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  • Address: Celadon Apartment Tan Phu
  • Construction Items:
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information Detail: Categories: Kitchen, Living, Dining, Sleeping
  • Color Natural Oak wood, Natural Oak veneer, Light Oak veneer, Beige lacquer paint
  • Size (W x H x D):
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