[Full Furnish] Natural oak furniture for Palm Height Apartment – District 2

The Palm Height apartment looks like being dressed in an elegant, fresh and airy layer made of natural oak furniture.

The homeowner aims to blend youthful and liberal beauty into a classic-oriented space to create an eclectic look. Therefore, the natural oak furniture becomes the perfect piece for this apartment. Based on the color scheme of the current kitchen cabinets, we made a unique color palette to harmony the overall space but still create a separate demarcation.

The kitchen, dining room and entrance hall on an open space are grouped into a cluster with bright white tones as the mainstream. Right next to the door is a shoe cabinet system with highlights of a light oak veneer waistband. Connecting to the large mirror frame is a padded shoe bench with the most comfortable cushion while next to the kitchen is a solid Dash dining table with sturdy legs providing enough space for 6 seats.

To reduce the overwhelmed feeling of the living room with dense profiles, we put in a solution of wall unit instead of a TV cabinet to create a sense of spacious for the space below. The cabinet system is divided into two large compartments with the upper part being an open shelf suitable for arranging books and décor, while the gray-painted drawer is a storage place for TV and air conditioners remote control…

The master bedroom is also simplified by a slender Joy bed with delicate round legs. Combined with the bed is a modern Canaba-colored sculptured wooden headboard, bringing a unique beauty to the room. Opposite the bed is a decorative wall unit with fancy interwoven details.

In the master bedroom there is also a Fin wardrobe system with an emphasis on the Canaba-colored waistband and elegant beveled handle. Next to the wardrobe is a gentle Muse dressing table, neatly attached to the wall with the upper cosmetic shelves integrated with smart light strips.

For a small bedroom, due to the narrow area, there is only enough room for a bed and a wardrobe. One solution that we proposed for the homeowner is to integrate bookshelves with study desks into the bed, creating two separate learning corners for children.

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Over 15 years of establishment and development, Truong Thang has always been pursuing the ideal of building a natural oak and walnut interior ecosystem with the desire to bring customers high – quality and safe products that do not contain formaldehyde or lead content. If you are in need of interior design and construction for turnkey service or home renovation, please contact us immediately!

Choosing Truong Thang means you choose high-quality wooden furniture comes from natural materials, meticulously designed and crafted to suit the needs and living habits of Vietnamese, as well as practical house spaces.

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  • Address: Palm Height Apartment District 2
  • Construction items: Beds
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information detail: Categories: Living, Dining, Sleeping, Shoe cabinet
  • Color Light Oak wood; Light Oak veneer; Natural Oak veneer; Canaba lacquered paint; Dairy lacquered paint
  • Size (W x H x D):