[Full Furnish] Neoclassical My Hao Villa – District 7

This My Hao villa located in Phu My Hung area is owned by Mr. and Mrs. An, who are also one of Truong Thang’s loyal clients. The house is designed in a luxurious neoclassical style with a dominant white tone.

There is a staircase leading to the second floor from the entry foyer and next to it is a wine cabinet system specifically designed according to the homeowners’ demand for a symmetrical layout and wing door details with decorative profiles.

The wine cabinet system is integrated with Blum hinges and sliding rails that fully open and move gently and smoothly. Part of the space between the two wine racking modules are two additional black decorative shelves as the contrast accent of the whole cabinet system.

Another side of the foyer, there is a decorative shelf system used as a partition wall for dividing the living room with other open dining room and the guest bathroom. This system is form by many 2-layer rectangular structures in black and white. The Dairy (white) inner frame with a protrusive outer edge increases the geometry effect.

Next is the open-plan kitchen area connected to the dining room is developed from our luxurious neoclassical Pure Solid collection combining an I-shaped and an L-shaped with a central island. The neutral and luxurious nuance is created by a combination of Grey Oak color of the base unit system and the higher one, while Dairy Oak color is applied for the wall cabinets. This kitchen is also separated into two main areas: dry and wet areas ensuring hygiene and easier cleaning.

The 3D drawing of the My Hao villa’s Pure Solid kitchen
The finished Pure Solid system in practical space

Panel door and solid end panels with delicate but not fancy decorative profiles create an elegant and timeless look for the neoclassical kitchen cabinets. The kitchen doors are integrated rubber cushions that help soundproof when closing doors.

Kitchen island with wing doors and solid end panels is carved exquisitely and combined with the classical column.

The whole cabinet system is integrated Blum most advanced hinges and sliding box rail solution. Inside the kitchen island drawer is a dividing tray that help organize and store cooking utensils clearly and scientifically.

There are two sideboards placed by the window with one next to the kitchen and one in the dining room not only for storage and decorative, but also creating additional accents for the space.

The center of the 2nd floor is a classroom divided by sliding glass doors with tables and bookshelves arranged along the two walls leading to the balcony. Striking on a white background is a shelf frame with bright colors such as orange, green, and blue to help the study space become more vivid.

Both sides of the classroom are the master bedroom and children bedroom, surrounded by wooden doors, which are a two-wing-door variant of our luxurious Madrid Oak collection.

Inside the bedroom is an airy space created from a combination of interior details including TV cabinets, study desk, and wardrobe in Dairy color.

There is a black and white TV cabinet on the opposite of the king size bed, creating the accent for the master bedroom. Two nightstands and a dresser are placed on both sides of the bed adding a neoclassical look to the overall.


A floating study desk connected to wardrobe

The bedrooms are designed with additional luxurious bathrooms in white. It is in need of a vanity to be installed along the wall and right below the large mirror. Modular cabinet system allows maximum use of storage space for essential items such as towels, clothes, personal care products …

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  • Address: My Hao Villa, District 7
  • Construction items: Full Furnish
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information detail: Categories: wooden door; kitchen; bathroom; bedroom; study room
  • Color oak wood, white and grey
  • Size (W x H x D):
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