[Full Furnish] Nine South Villa – Nha Be

The interior of this neoclassical Nine South Villa based in Nha Be is constructed by Truong Thang for living area, sleeping, bathroom, book cabinet and wooden door.

Located in a new and high class Nine South residence in Nha Be district, Mr. Quang’s two-story villa is non-furnish handover. Despite the interest in a luxury and classical style, the owner desires a space that doesn’t look too antique because his children don’t like that. Therefore, the ideal choice is a neoclassical interior.

After agreeing on the concept with his designer, Mr. Quang directly searched for a specialized and skilled construction company by himself. With experience in the construction field, he is a master of high-quality materials. He was not only impressed by the materials used by Truong Thang but also our manufacturing techniques, product images and actual works … that we posted on our fanpage. Therefore, Mr. Quang decided to contact us for work on his project.

According to the concept, there is a blue wall combined with a decorative cabinet opposite to the main door, forming a small foyer that leads to the living room, kitchen and dining area. The cabinet system is divided into 3 sections, with the top and bottom are painted in white (Dairy) and gray (Gray), the mainstream tone of all interior, while the 3D sculptured middle section is painted in copper color to increase the sense of luxury.

A white TV cabinet inspired by the fireplace inside the houses in Europe and America, stands out on the green wall and  the fireplace is converted into a storage space for books and decorative items.

The area next to the living room is an open-plan kitchen and dining area. Based on the practical dimensions and storage needs of the owners, we proposed an L-shaped kitchen combined with a standard island and a built-in high unit system to make room for work and circulation.

The kitchen overall is inspired from our Pure Solid with customized wood and glass panel doors. This change is for maintaining classical features and adding a little modern and minimal style.

The I-shaped kitchen module not only provides enough space for an applied fridge but also extends storage space as a result of a high unit system that was scientifically researched and developed. Besides, kitchen appliances are suitably allocated according to workflow and kitchen triangle principles that help in optimizing the cooking process.

There is a space for 3 to 4 bar stools that are placed at the front side of the island to turn it into an extra dining table. The 65cm countertop provides a large space for more than 1 person cooking at the same time and not getting in each other.

The first floor is designed for a master bedroom and a daughter’s one that are applied stable Dairy Oak (white) Milan wooden doors. There is an American neoclassical bedroom set with white bed and nightstands in the master bedroom. Opposite the bed is a white pigmented oak TV cabinet integrated Blum high-quality hardwares.

There are two luxurious gray floor-to-ceiling wardrobe systems at the corner that are perpendicularly placed and separated by the aisle leading to the bathroom of this master bedroom.

The daughter’s bedroom is a sweet and girly room which is mixed pink and white as mainstream colors. There is a Dairy pigmented study desk with symmetric structure against the wall. Both sides of the desk are integrated open bookshelves for storing books, notebooks and other school supplies.

At another corner next to the bathroom, there is a wardrobe system accented with a decorative oak veneer cladding that looks like a house-shape and is used for cuddly toy storage.

A large and airy space on the second floor is used as family room and extra living room with a neoclassical TV cabinet having detailed and well-crafted profiles. All drawers integrated Blum box slide rail solution move smoothly and effectively.

A different accent at this area is a glass door book cabinet integrated top-on handless solution, along the large wall. Truong Thang had to work closely with Blum for a period of time on developing an exclusive solution for these feature glass doors to meet technical and aesthetic demands.

A part of this book cabinet is an open shelves integrated warm LED lighting system, on which the homeowner displays his certifications and trophies.

There is also another bedroom for his son that is painted in pale blue. The study desk here is a little lively with colorful storage spaces representing the activeness of the boy. Next to the bed is a fresh blue swing door wardrobe system that has an additional cushion seating for reading.

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  • Address: Nine South Villa - Nha Be district
  • Construction Items: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information Detail: Categories: kitchen, TV cabinet, decorative wall, bedroom, bathroom, book cabinet, wooden door
  • Color Grey, Dairy, Blue
  • Size (W x H x D):