[Full furnish] Urban Hill Apartment – District 7

This 3-bedroom Urban Hill  apartment is spotted, dynamic, but not less gentle and relaxing thanks to a range of oak color transforming from gray to bright tone.

The 100m2 3-bedroom apartment is adorned with natural wood veneer furniture with modern gray kitchen cabinets, natural oak  bedroom space and living room.

Right next to the door is a stylish kitchen with a Cenere-colored veneer covered base cabinets and  monochrome gray lacquer upper cabinets. To increase storage space, the kitchen is arranged in the form of L-shaped with a luxury stone-clad kitchen peninsula.

Kitchen cabinets are composed of different functional compartments, arranged according to the principle of work flow corresponding to the storage – preliminary processing – cooking process. The spacious kitchen peninsula acts as a preparing table with an integrated large drawer inside, increasing storage space up to 40% compared to conventional drawers.

The recessed handle and the tip-on mechanical open solutions give the kitchen a flat and trendy appearance, while also helping to reduce collisions with the conventional handles, especially when there are children in the house. The matte finished surface is anti-fingerprint, waterproof and easy to clean.

Next to the kitchen is a modern living room space, emphasized by a bit of warm walnut shades. In addition to the TV cabinet and a Vega coffee table, a Charcoal-colored decorative wall cabinets with monochrome gray wing combination, becomes an impressive highlight for the entire living room.

The bedroom spaces are also decorated in a minimalist style with essential furniture such as beds, wardrobes, nightstands with the natural tone of oak as the main color.

Inside the master bedroom, in addition to the 900mm-high-headboard Refill bed, the pair of slender Neva nightstand, there is also a gentle Muse wall-mounted dresser, ensuring ventilation for the space below and not stunned when sweep. A corner of the room with a wardrobe that forms a small dressing room inside the master bedroom.

Meanwhile, the two small bedrooms seem to be more synchronized with a bed, desk and two-wing wardrobe with decorative shelves. The small bedrooms look more expansive and airy thanks to the light oak color. The rustic lines of the wood grain also bring a sense of relaxation, creating an ideal renewable energy space.

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  • Address: Urban Hill Apartment
  • Construction Items:
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information Detail: Categories: Kitchen, Living, Sleeping
  • Color Natural oak; Cenere oak mixed gray lacquered paint
  • Size (W x H x D):