[Kitchen] Gia Hoa Art Village veneer kitchen – District 9

The combination of natural veneer kitchen cabinets and quartz stone countertop creates a light, delicate and pleasant overall color.
Beginning by the thoughtful, sophisticated, minimalistic and peaceful, we created the product with the very first feeling when meeting our client. Through the meeting and working at Truong Thang showroom, Ms. Trinh was able to see and touch and feel all kitchen collection firsthand. She said that she was so impressed with the Floating kitchen that had hidden plinth creating a lighter illusion for the base units.
With technical background, our client had a high requirement for thoroughness, meticulousness to small details and this was completely consistent with the product philosophy that Truong Thang still pursued. Each module, block array, internal functional solution was observed by our customers without missing a single millimeter. Thanks to that actual product experience, Ms. Trinh truly trusted and selected Truong Thang products for her villa.
When it came to materials, our client was a health-conscious person so benign materials like E1 HMR and natural veneer were ideal choices for her kitchen. In terms of color, the homeowner loved the deep and warm shade, so the main color used for her kitchen is the resonant Cognac Oak with natural pattern of the wood grain that spreads the rustic and attractive inspiration.
When the highlight is concentrated in the lower kitchen space, the upper cabinets, though installed over the entire wall, still does not create a heavy feeling thanks to the bright white Dairy color. The L-shaped kitchen with 2 washing zones forms 2 extremely convenient triangles with one side of the high cabinet containing high unit – sink – hob while the rest including the refrigerator (which will be placed opposite of base cabinets that lean on the balustrade) – sink – stove.
Underneath the hob is a 900mm-wide drawer system with the upper drawer was used to stored cooking utensils and the lower compartment is for placing commonly used pots and pans. There is a preparation area with a drawer of spices in the middle of the kitchen and sink for marinating and seasoning during cooking. Right above the sink is a folding-wing module that integrates a dish rack, helping cleaning easy and quick.
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  • Address: KDC Gia Hoà Art Village
  • Construction Items: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information Detail: Category: Kitchen
  • Color Cognac Oak Veneer
  • Size (W x H x D):