[Kitchen] Neoclassical kitchen cabinets for Saroma Villa – District 2

The glass panel neoclassical Pure Solid kitchen brings luxurious and high-class beauty, and spread cooking inspiration to the owner of the Saroma villa.

The characteristic symmetrical layout of the classic design is fully and clearly shown through the galley layout using the island as the symmetry axis of the Pure Solid kitchen. Walnut wood is the lever to push the luxury feeling for the entire cabinets. Thick kitchen countertops with stone veins combine in harmony with the entire cabinet system, adding the elegance to this enclosed kitchen space.

This layout also divides the kitchen into a dry and a wet kitchen with well-arranged, scientific work zones. All kitchen cabinets are integrated with high-end hardwares from Europe. 60cm, 120cm module system ensures to provide appliances installation space and spacious storage.

If the base cabinets are integrated with the original solid wood panel, the uppers are customized into a glass panel, cleverly showing off the collection of luxury dishes. In addition, a part of the high cabinets have been transformed into an open shelves, expressing the solid texture of the wood from the inside out.

The central kitchen island is connected to the large Dash dining table, making this space a place to cook and enjoy on the spot, inspired by the chef’s performing restaurants. Therefore, the dining area becomes unique, attracting family members who want to spend more time eating together at home.

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  • Address: Saroma villa District 2
  • Construction items: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information detail: Category: Pure Solid Kitchen
  • Color Natural Walnut wood
  • Size (W x H x D):