[Kitchen] Neoclassical kitchen for EcoXuan Villa – Binh Duong

The neoclassical kitchen cabinets in this EcoXuan villa with pristine white color is a combination of the antique, luxury and a modern look.

The homeowner loves cooking and wants to cultivate her family happiness through delicious and healthy meals. That’s why our neoclassical Pure Solid kitchen made of natural wood, integrated with new generation functional solutions is the perfect choice for a comfortable and healthy cooking space like that.

In terms of design, this villa’s interior is oriented in the neoclassical style, not too fussy but still shows the luxury and high-class. Therefore, the kitchen wing-doors are customized in the form of flat, youthful and modern panel. In addition, the reduction of cumbersome carvings also makes the neoclassical kitchen cabinets more trendy.

L-shaped kitchen layout with an island helps optimize storage spaces. All functional compartments provide enough space to placed kitchen appliances and also highlight them. The kitchen is divided into 5 work zones including storage – utensils – washing – preparing – cooking scientifically arranged to ensure all manipulation are carried out in a convenient and highly efficient manner. The kitchen cabinet system is also integrated with  solutions high-quality European hardwares such as  hinges, stay lifts, box rails.

The front of the kitchen island is accented by delicate profiles and open shelves, where homeowners display their favorite décor. It is also designed to fit more seats, allowing many people to prepare food at the same time, or sit here to eat fast meals or used as a working table.

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Over 15 years of establishment and development, Truong Thang has always been pursuing the ideal of building a natural oak and walnut interior ecosystem with the desire to bring customers high – quality and safe products that do not contain formaldehyde or lead content. If you are in need of interior design and construction for turnkey service or home renovation, please contact us immediately!

Choosing Truong Thang means you choose high-quality wooden furniture comes from natural materials, meticulously designed and crafted to suit the needs and living habits of Vietnamese, as well as practical house spaces.

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  • Address: Ecoxuan villa Binh Duong
  • Construction items: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Quantity: 01 set
  • Information detail: Category: Pure Solid Kitchen
  • Color Dairy Oak wood
  • Size (W x H x D):