[Turnkey Service] Neoclassical Vista Verde Apartment – District 2

Located on the 30th floor of the Vista Verde building, this large apartment  is designed in a luxurious neoclassical style.

  • Project information:

Area: 85m2

Floor area in use: 72m2

  • Categories:

+ Wall

+ Engineered woodflooring

+ Wooden door

+ Ventilation system and air conditioner

+ Water pipes and drain and Sanitary equipment

+ Electric outlets

+ Bedroom set

+ Solid wood kitchen

+ Bathroom

Ms. Tam and her husband, the owners of this apartment are also the investors of LA VALLÉE DE DALAT, the multi-million dollar villa compound in Da Lat that Truong Thang had been assigned for interior construction before. Based on the neoclassical concept of the former villa, the owners still want to bring Western and luxurious style to their new apartment.

This 85m2 apartment is divided into 5 main areas including an open-plan living and dining area, 2 bedrooms (with one of them is master bedroom), a master bathroom and a kitchen with a glass door leading to the laundry.

For this draw handover project, Truong Thang is in charge of constructing M&E system and furniture application.

One of the problems of this apartment is the modern style main door that is not consistent with all the neoclassical interior. Therefore, we had to customize a little on the inside front of it with panel and profile details to earn the overall synchronicity. The space inside is painted in cream white to make an illusion of enlargement while the ceiling is accented with delicate crown moulding.

The handover floor had not been treated appropriately so our job was fixing it. Instead of using foam lining as usual, we used plywood for creating a completely flat and stable foundation layer that helps the engineered wood flooring not make noise when moving.

The limitation of the apartment is the space, so we chose the long and linear strips extending from the aisle, to the living room, and from the bedroom to the inside of the bathroom. This solution not only helps to expand the space but also adds depth to the house. This type of flooring not only widens the space but also increases the depth of this house.

The combination of white ceiling, Dairy Classic wooden door and Black Oak flooring creates a calm and balanced for the entire space.

Ms. Tam is currently living in Da Lat and often goes to Ho Chi Minh City for work. She seems this apartment as a familiar and personalized sanctuary for stop and rest after working time to restore energy.

There are decorative shelves and a shoes cabinet on both sides of the entrance. Above the shoes cabinet is another one that plays the role as electrical box cover and decorative detail. The next area is a closed kitchen, separated from the living and dining area, where to place a lacquered patterned dining table manufactured by the owner’s company with a glass panel door.

Because the kitchen width was limited so we proposed a plan to install a I-shaped kitchen cabinet, combined with a folding table. A refrigerator module is located separately on the opposite side of the main cabinet system.

Overall, the kitchen cabinets are made of oak, painted in Dairy (white) with the panel door. High-quality hardwares provided by Blum allow all opening and closing movements to be carried out smoothly and gently.

The natural and thick vein kitchen countertop balanced with the details of the wing doors and end panels. A notable highlight of this kitchen is the stone backsplash made of more than 500 small pieces of stone with the dimensions of each piece is 3.5 x 3.5cm and arranged in an elaborate fishbone shape.

Inside the drawer is a Blum high-class wooden dividing tray system, which helps arrange the cooking utensils, knives, spoons, forks, chopsticks scientifically and neatly. A preparation table in Charcoal color integrated with decorative shelves is installed on the opposite side of the kitchen cabinets as a replacing solution for the kitchen island.

There is an aisle next to the living area leading to the master bathroom and the two bedrooms. At the corner, there is an integrated wine cabinet that intersects the aisle.

The pristine white tone inside the bedroom opens up and freshens the relaxation space. A wardrobe system with slender shutter doors combined with gold-plated vertical handles enhances the elegance of the room. Fixed furniture including wardrobes, bookshelves and bright white decorative shelves harmonize with the elegant fabric-covered bed.

Next to the master bedroom window is a bay window with integrated storage cabinets and luxurious walnut veneer surface. This is the ideal relaxing corner where the owner can sit and sip a cup of rose tea and leisurely watch the morning dawn.

There is also a bathroom that has a grooved Charcoal vanity in the master bedroom. A part of the bathroom floor is covered with waterproof engineered wood floor. The antique look inside the shower is created with the likely tarnished tile wall inspired by the interior of classical British buildings.

There is a vanity fitted in the master bathroom is covered with natural walnut veneer with elegant and gold-plated horizontal bar handles. There is also a bathroom closet at the corner next to the door according to the homeowner’s demand.

The recessed ceiling lighting system both magnifies the luxurious nuance, and spreads warmth to the space inside the house. The number of lights is also accurately calculated by our technical team to ensure artificial light is not too harsh but still ensure to provide light sources for specific tasks.

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  • Address: Vista Verde, District 2, HCMC
  • Construction items: Turnkey Service
  • Quantity: 85m2
  • Information detail: Categories: wall, ceiling, floor, kitchen, bedroom set, bathroom
  • Color Oak wood, Dairy (white)
  • Size (W x H x D): 85m2
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