Classic and modern intersection

Pure Solid Kitchen

Price as demo: 302.500.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak

Kitchen Layout:


Pure Solid - Neoclassical kitchen cabinet with timeless elegance
  • Materials: North American Oak/Walk
  • Hardware: Hinges, rails, Blum Aventos stay-lifts
  • Worktop: Vicostone Quartz
  • Kitchen layout: Can be customized
  • Designed to suit the spaces of townhouses, penthouses, and villas with a large area

Pure Solid neoclassical kitchen cabinet is a collection of cabinets for customers who love wood, appreciate craftsmanship and fine arts. The cabinet system is a harmonious combination of functional, aesthetic, and pure natural materials. Therefore, the design possesses a blend of classic and modern to create timeless beauty.


Actual image of Pure Solid neoclassical wooden kitchen cabinets

Besides the common advantages of using natural wood materials and the outstanding advantages of modular design, Pure Solid also possesses unique design features with stylized details. Therefore, it possesses a symmetrical layout in a neoclassical style. Concurrently, it can show the strong beauty of the material. Meanwhile, the simplification of intricate carvings helps the collection retain its traditional yet very modern look.


1. Pure natural solid wood material

Natural Oak and Walnut wood in North American plantations are the main materials of Pure Solid wood kitchen cabinets. The wood group has the advantages of durability, good termite resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for Vietnam’s climate. Source of planted timber and obtained FSC certificate on sustainable forest management and exploitation. E1, CARB P2 certifications ensure the material is safe for the user’s health.


In fact, Truong Thang have combined Pure Solid Cognac-color Oak with high-grade Vicostone quartz stone. Therefore, the product creates a kitchen surface that not only harmonizes aesthetics but also high durability.

Oak has a beautiful, straight, large wood grain with long wood rays. As a result, it creates a light and soft effect for the overall design. Meanwhile, the noble warm tone of Walnut wood has a meaning in terms of feng-shui. Therefore, the product brings peace, prosperity, and luck to the owner.

2. Optimizing the usable space of neoclassical kitchen cabinets

Additionally, Pure Solid neoclassical kitchen cabinet design shows the storage role of tall cabinets. It is a place to install necessary kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens,… And of course, it can store a large amount of dry food.


Pure Solid neoclassical wooden kitchen cabinet with luxurious kitchen island increase convenience and usable area

In particular, the large kitchen island brings comfort to the user. And it is suitable for the open kitchen space. Meanwhile, it can also create maximum convenience during movement and manipulation. Moreover, the removable kitchen island is a convenient feature. Therefore, this design also adds elegance and luxury to the entire system of the neoclassical kitchen cabinet.

3. Neoclassical kitchen cabinet with the outstanding storage capacity

Pure Solid is an especially impressive design with a series of high-end hardware solutions imported from Europe. Support solutions to increase convenience and durability for the entire product.


Built-in drawers have a thin and high wall design. This helps increase storage volume by up to 40% compared to the conventional cabinet.


The solution of trays in each drawer is scientific. As a result, its owners can access items more quickly and conveniently.

Furthermore, the high cabinet has 135° wide-angle damping hinges. Obviously, this design is for easy viewing. Additionally, this is also a solution to avoid the collision between the drawer and the cabinet door. Especially when the user needs to open the cabinet at the same time. In addition, the high-grade sliding rails allow the entire drawer to be extended, making it easy to observe and place each kitchen tool.

In particular, this wooden kitchen cabinet also uses beautiful and delicate stainless steel handles. It helps to grip easily and limit direct contact with wet hands on the wooden surface.

4. The behaviors and demands of modern users create Neoclassical kitchen cabinet

  • Pure Solid is arranged in a workflow with a scientific activity triangle

The workflow and triangle operation is the main principle of a smart neoclassical kitchen cabinets system, meeting the needs of modern users. These principles will help the housewives save 20% of moving. At the same time, it also ensures the element of feng-shui.

The workflow includes subdivisions for storing items – cleaning – preliminary processing – cooking. The operating triangle area includes: refrigerator – stove – sink

  • The size and height of each wooden kitchen cabinet module are standardized, according to the user’s physique and habits


The height and size of the kitchen cabinet is researched and developed to bring maximum comfort to housewives

5. Color options suit a variety of spaces

Choosing colors for the neoclassical kitchen cabinets is a very important issue. Obviously, the right decisions can ensure aesthetics and harmony in the overall interior design. Depending on the size of the space, owners can choose the color tone of neoclassical kitchen cabinets to best suit. The color palette with 6 tones of natural Oak and Walnut shades of Truong Thang shows a variety of styles: youthful, liberal, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, and classy. As a result, it gives customers many choices to suit their character and create their own identity for their living space.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • 3 Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance.

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