Smoke Oak

Giá: 780.000VNĐ

Only applicable for orders over 200m2

Brown is a neutral color and can be used for many different interior styles. The color always make the space more vibrant, vivid, rustic and emotional.

  • Natural walnut wood surface is selected, thoroughly dried and sliced into bars with a thickness of 3mm.
  • 9mm thick bottom layer is made up of plywood Birch Russia including 7 thin diagonal sheets to create stability for the wood floor.
  • Micro-V chamfered edges ensure a solid bond evenly to the wooden floor and limit dust.
  • The ability to withstand boiling water up to 72 hours without warping or peeling phenomenon occurs between layers of wood.
  • Sustainable 25+ years. So this is a valuable investment in terms of time, making your family life more beautiful and peaceful.


  • Random length: W: 120mm, L: 500 + 700mm
  • Full length: W: 120mm, L: 1200mm

* The above price doesn’t include skirting and installation fee


Floor area (m2):


Skirting length:


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