Swel wooden sliding wardrobe 

Swel wardrobe

Price as demo: 63.890.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak

Wardrobe System:


Swel wooden sliding wardrobe 
  • Swel wardrobe for customers who love wood and youthful, elegant style
  • The cabinet system is perfect for a variety of spaces, especially small bedrooms
  • Materials: HMR covered with natural wood veneer (oak/walnut) mixed with lacquer paint
  • The large sliding door design clearly shows the beauty of the material while optimizing storage
  • The product is integrated with outstanding functional solutions (covered sliding rails, wooden drawers, LED lights…)


Swel modern sliding wardrobe is crafted from premium Oak and Walnut veneer. Large sliding door shows off the beauty of horizontal wood grain. Not only that, the wood grain effect also make the room more airy and spacious. In addition, new-style sliding rail brings a classy and aesthetic appearance to the wardrobe. The product is the ideal choice for small bedrooms, helping to make the most of the storage space.


Swel wooden sliding wardrobe has an elegant appearance and storage facilities


1. Swel Wooden Sliding Wardrobe is crafted from premium materials

Firstly, Swel is a modern wooden sliding wardrobe solution crafted from high-quality materials, including HMR and natural veneer. And HMR possesses many superior advantages such as anti-mold, anti-worm, no warping. In particular, the material meets E1, CARB P2 standards in terms of formaldehyde concentration, ensuring health safety. 

For the surface, Truong Thang choose to use natural veneer as the decorative jewelry. With the origin from natural wood, the veneer inherit all of natural features of wood. It has beautiful and eye-catching wood grains. And have the ability to resist to termites and anti-warping or shrinking. Certainly, all materials are FSC certified and come directly from North America. Truong Thang offer 2 options: Oak veneer and Walnut veneer.

Putting safety first, Truong Thang only chooses E1-standard adhesives and lead-free paint. To make sure our products are safe from inside out. The product with two options of Oak and Walnut veneer create different aesthetic nuances. So that your wardrobe looks like an artwork. Furthermore, the lacquer paint also creates perfect touch and feel sense for your Swel wardrobe.


Products are made from high-quality materials, safe for health

2. The aesthetic effect of Swel wooden sliding wardrobe

  • Enlarge effect comes from wood grains and door sizes

In addition, the elegant, modern door design creates a neat and space-saving appearance for the room. Besides, the large size cabinet wings combined with horizontal wooden texture has created an expanded and ventilated effect for the space.

  • Touch and feel effect

The cleverly finished surface accentuates the wood grains for an authentic touch. Every inch of the wardrobe surface feel like a healthy tree. And you can deeply touch into its nature. In particular, the monochrome sliding wings give an impressive accent to the entire Swel wooden sliding wardrobe system. You can choose the 3-wing or 2-wing cabinets depending on the actual size of their bedroom.



The cabinet system between wood veneer and monochrome paint brings the effect of expanding the space

3. Smart interior solutions for wooden sliding wardrobe

The entire interior of Swel modern wing wardrobe offers aesthetically superior amenities and storage. The inside cabinet compartment has the same color veneer as the door and cabinet cladding.

Truong Thang have studied and developed all hanging bars, drawers, tray dividers, and accessories separately, especially solid wooden clothes hanger structures. Therefore, there is no sagging when hanging a lot of things. There are also separate storages for men and women. For example, pants hangers come with belts, or the hanging bar for women’s dresses, skirts, and shirts… Our team has carefully investigated and created each of them.

In addition, the LED lighting solution additionally supports the inside cabinet compartment. The lighting will automatically turn on and off when users open the wardrobe and charged via the attached charger. Besides, the accessory is easy to disassemble into the cabinet compartment thanks to the fixed magnet.


Cabinets with storage solutions designed specifically for men and women

4. High-Quality European Hardware Integrated with Wooden Sliding Wardrobe

The decisive factor for the durability of Swel modern wooden sliding wardrobe is the high-end system of hardware. Blum shock absorber slide rails imported directly from Austria ensure the smooth movement of the drawers. Hettich Topline L rails help users open from both sides and create an incredibly attractive wing solution. The damping, anti-panic, and assist functions also make opening movement easy. With these solutions, your Swel wardrobe will be more stable and durable. 


Swel wardrobes are integrated with high-end sliding rails for smooth movement

5. Neat and aesthetic storage function for your bedroom

Swel sliding wardrobe takes care of the perfect storage function for your bedroom. The scientific dividing system inside the cabinet also keeps everything from clothes and blankets to accessories like bags, belts, and jewelry organized. All solutions include:

  • Single drawer
  • Dual drawer
  • Shelves system
  • Accessories and pants combined drawer
  • Clothes hanging bar


One of advanced solution of Swel is the drawer combined with accessories drawer and pants hanging

In conclusion, with its modern, sophisticated design, the product becomes an impressive highlight for the bedroom space. In addition, cleaning the surface or cabinet is also easy and quick. 


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide 
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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