Featured with fancy horizontal wood grain
Tanka natural wooden wardrobe

Tanka wardrobe

Price as demo: 63.820.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Light Oak

Wardrobe system:


Tanka natural wooden wardrobe 
  • Materials: HMR covered with natural wood veneer (oak/walnut) mixed with lacquer paint
  • Tanka wardrobe stands out with its distinctive and seamless transition effect from horizontal wood grain
  • The product is integrated with a variety of high-end hardware and accessory solutions from Europe; such as damping hinges and drawers, accessory dividers, LED lights…
  • Customizable size according to actual space, can be integrated up-to-ceiling storage solution
  • The wardrobe system is the perfect choice for customers who love luxurious minimalist design; and suitable for a variety of bedrooms.

Tanka natural wooden wardrobe featuring horizontal wood textured effect and delicate chamfered handles. Furthermore, the product provides a scientific storage solution for extra neat, tidy bedrooms. The product is suitable for a variety of bedroom interior spaces.


Tanka Natural Wooden Wardrobe from Truong Thang


1. Modern Tanka natural wooden veneer wardrobe

Tanka is a wardrobe system crafted from natural veneer wood and high-quality HMR. The natural wood comes from North America FSC sustainable forests. Veneer wood is selected from the strongest and most beautiful wood log. And then dried, sliced with a thickness of 0.6 to 1mm. Surprisingly, each veneer sheet has a different pattern to another even though coming from the same tree. So that this feature makes your wardrobe more valuable.

Meanwhile, to avoid warping, and termites, Truong Thang selected HMR for the core. This material meets E1, CARB P2 standards. These certification show that the formaldehyde concentration is approximately zero, ensuring health safety. In addition, HMR also has good mold resistance, which helps the product retain its high durability.

The product with two options of Oak and Walnut veneer create different aesthetic nuances. Additionally, the veneer has a beautiful wood texture, alternately arranged according to a certain layout. This makes your Tanka looks attractive and like an work-of-art.




Tanka beautiful natural wooden wardrobe is crafted from high-quality materials that are safe for health.

2. The aesthetic quintessence from experience and modern technology

The hallmark of Tanka beautiful natural wooden wardrobe is the harmonious wooden pattern. In fact, the distinctiveness comes from the harmonic blending of texture ratios on each door. When finished, it creates a seamless strip of wood texture throughout. This shows the ingenuity of our artisans when choosing and arranging wood patterns. 

Moreover, the horizontal pattern is a crafting challenge. And not every manufacturer can do. Not only that, this type of pattern also miraculously expands the space. We offer you an option of all wood surface and another with lacquer paint combined. For these options, our Tanka wardrobe can satisfy user in terms of design.


Option to mix veneer and monochrome paint for a different aesthetic effect

Besides, the CNC bevel handles are cleverly finished, embellishing the elegance of the product. In particular, the one-sided opening grip helps to create minimalism for the cabinet system but still satisfies the functional factor. Moreover, with its handy and aesthetic design, the beauty of Tanka natural wooden wardrobe is the right collection for every bedroom space.

3. Diverse storage solution inside the beautiful natural wooden wardrobe Tanka

Additionally, Tanka natural oak wardrobe’s internal space has been scientifically organized based on a study into the types of clothes storage. Obviously, there are separate storages for men and women. For example, pants hangers come with belts, or the hanging bar for women’s dresses, skirts, and shirts… Truong Thang team has carefully investigated and created each of them.


Inside compartment with a storage solution designed specifically for men and women

Truong Thang uses solid wood to create the clothes hangers, which attaches securely to the wall of the cabinet thanks to high-quality connectors. This also helps the suspension bar to ensure firmness, not sagging with heavy loads. Meanwhile, our dual drawers help neatly store and allow access items with ease. In addition, our designer have come up with an idea of 2 in 1 drawer. This solution provide you place where to store small accessories and pants. And it is proved to be very useful for men and women.

Moreover, the interior of the wardrobe also has LED lighting. This lighting system provides the LED works automatically. Markedly, the luminaire has an automatic mechanism. It is only active when closing and opening the cabinet. This automatic mechanism is really an effective way to save power. Users can also charge the accessory easily thanks to the included charger and disassemble. One charge allows up to 3 months of lighting for the next charge.

4. High-quality accessories determine the durability

For the convenience of using, we have chosen and integrated high-quality hardware into the wardrobe system. The hardware solutions include: damping hinges with the opening angle up to 105°; damping sliding rails with opening supporting force. They contributes to the smooth movement of the wardrobe. With modern and high aesthetic design, all hardware also enhance the beauty and durability of Tanka. The product can be use for more than 25 years.

Additionally, Truong Thang only combine sliding rails and hinges from Blum. And the hardware is imported directly from Austria with the highest score of technical requirements. Hopefully, these standard accessories with a lifetime warranty. Adding more use-value to the wardrobe system. Moreover, each door of the cabinet also has a rubber that makes the operation of opening and closing with no noise. So with these solution hardware, your wardrobe becomes more and more convenient.


The Tanka wardrobe is also integrated with premium hardware directly imported from Europe.

5. Flexibly customizable to the actual space

The modular smart design allows the Tanka beautiful natural wooden wardrobe to be customized easily, based on the actual size of your space. Not only that, this design also facilitates repair and replacement when needed. Users can remove any replacement parts without disassembling the entire cabinet system. Therefore, this convenience also allows the reuse of the cabinet system when moving house; or building a new house without making a new wardrobe. So that it also has a meaning for sustainable using.

Indeed, users can also add the option of installing additional ceiling cabinet modules to maximize storage space. Truong Thang provide you a large option from 2  to 6-wing-door. For the wardrobe interior, we have also developed separate storage solutions for men and women. These solutions come from researches about types of clothes of both gender. In conclusion, Tanka wardrobe system fits for a variety of interior styles.


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide 
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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