A timeless beauty

Timeless Kitchen

Price as demo: 388.967.400VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Dairy Oak

Kitchen Layout:


Timeless neoclassic kitchen cabinets
  • The kitchen for customers who loves wood and luxurious without fancy design.
  • Timeless and age-crossing design with luxurious door types.
  • Integrated with a series of advanced functional solutions: storage, movement for wonderful using experience.
  • Material: Oak/ Walnut from North America, no warping, and  anti-termites.
  • 3 year warranty. Periodic maintenance
  • The above price does not include the divider tray and kitchen equipment such as induction cooker, range hood, sink, faucet, etc.

Decade-old beauty is what you might think of Timeless wooden neoclassic kitchen cabinets. The elaborate design is reflected in every delicately detail. A fresh combination of regal classical and modern style. Timeless kitchen is the center of high-class living space. The perfect choice for those who love wood and appreciate the meticulousness.


Timeless wooden neoclassic kitchen cabinets


1. Neoclassic kitchen cabinets with timeless design

Timeless design is the unique highlight that makes the kitchen not be outdated in any space and time. Truong Thang designers have skillfully created a great harmony of design trends. That is the harmony and balance of time. There is still classic aesthetic heritage but now layered with contemporary nuances. And the collection satisfies customers who appreciate perfectionist and a well-mannered beauty.

  • Flexible layout

The typical symmetrical layout of the classical style is now transformed into a more youthful one. We have converted the overall symmetrical to a partial one. This change creates a feeling of softer for the entire kitchen. It also gets rid of the old-fashioned design rule. And helps to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and free up space effectively. 


Partial symmetrical layout brings lightness and freshness to your kitchen

  • Carving frugally

The cumbersome feeling comes from intricate carvings. The more details, the stronger the antiquity. For that reason, our designers have simplified carving elements. All classic features such as profiles and molding are preserved. But now look more modern with wavy bends and standard horizontal and vertical lines. With these simplified details, Timeless neoclassic kitchen appears modern, and humble as a wise man. The stylized kitchen island with minimal grooves also adds freshness to the kitchen cabinets.


The classic molding and profiles on the cabinet door blends in with the modern groove details on the kitchen island

  • Handle – An inseparable highlight

Handle is a remarkable detail of Timeless neoclassic kitchen cabinets. We choose stainless steel handle from Germany for the kitchen. The handle is horizontally placed at hand for easy and convenient use. This solution also minimizes contact with the cabinet surface in case of wet hands. Contributes to protecting the fresh surface of the kitchen cabinets.


The slim handle is placed to fit user’s hand

  • Expandable style and color options

Truong Thang design team has also developed more options for door types and colors. Besides traditional panel, we also provide you with the option of shaker door. This option will make your Timeless kitchen more youthful, modern and provides a fresh visual effect. For the color, you can choose from light to warm color palettes. With bright tome, the overall is also rejuvenated and more harmonious. While the warm and antique shade expresses a nostalgic and vintage charm.

2. High-class neoclassic kitchen cabinets from premium materials


Timeless neoclassic kitchen cabinets system is made from premium Oak and Walnut wood. These two types of hardwood come from sustainable forests. They are also rigorously selected by leading experts in sustainable forestry. With FSC certification, we can assure you that they are renewable and long-lasting materials. Furthermore, the materials have advantages such as termite-resistance and stability. Oak and Walnut wood also stand out with their distinctive wood grain that brings a close, healthy and natural inspiration to the space. Besides, we also added a new solution for kitchen plinth. That is aluminum plinth which can help prevent the kitchen from moisture.

3. Optimum functional solution for kitchen cabinets

The entire kitchen not only satisfies the user in terms of aesthetics, but also in its solutions. Convenient functional solutions are developed based on in-depth research on Vietnamese cooking habits. We focus from overall to details to bring the best convenience to users.

  • Save time with a streamlined layout

Timeless kitchen layout follows kitchen triangle and work flow principle. Positions from food storage, to pre-processing and cooking are all well established. Helps shorten moving distance and save cooking time. While the position of sink and hob must be far from each other in terms of feng-shui. We also make sure the the space between island and cabinets is spacious enough for many people can work in the kitchen at the same time. And as a result, this helps save time of cooking as well.


Spacious circulation space, allowing many people to use the kitchen at the same time and the stove is far away from the sink according to feng-shui

  • High-class kitchen cabinet hardware from Europe

Hardware plays an important role in extending the lifespan of kitchen cabinets. Therefore, this is also our top priority. In addition to durability, kitchen hardware must also satisfy aesthetic requirements. For example, we replaced the old-fashioned butterfly hinges with straighter ones that more aesthetic and sturdier. The power-operated damping box rails replace rickety traditional ones. Provides a smooth opening and closing experience. The anti-reverse suspension system helps to ensure absolute safety, especially for young children.


Timeless kitchen cabinets are integrated with high-end hardware


The wide-angle hinge allows for easier access to the cabinet inside

  • Increase storage up to 40%

Storage is an important part of any kitchen cabinets. And so is Timeless! The neoclassic kitchen cabinets appear with almost advanced storage solutions. There are built-in drawers with thin and high walls, increase the storage volume by 40% compared to conventional ones. Not only that, the optimization also comes from high cabinets. This module is also vital to a kitchen. Because it provides large storage space for grocery and dried food by making use of the space between upper and lower cabinets. And has space for equipment installation effectively. For upgrading storage, you can also choose an up-to-ceiling wall cabinets.


Built-in drawer solutions and high cabinets increase storage convenience


The inside of the drawer is divided scientifically, keeping all items organized and neat


  • Aesthetic and hygienic solutions for the kitchen

Hygiene factor is our priority in the design of Timeless kitchen cabinets. Therefore, we use undermounted sink to prevent dirt from accumulating better than normal sink. Right above of the sink is an upper cabinet with pull down dish rack. You can easily access this area thanks to the intelligent multi-stop stay-lifts. The anti-jamming feature on the lift also helps to ensure user safety.


Upper cabinet with pull down dish rack right above the sink

4. The heart of strong connections

The concept of timeless is not only in physical elements such as design and functions. With Timeless, Truong Thang want to create a center for strong connections. We understand that in the busy modern life, the kitchen is not only a kitchen but be more than that. Gather around the kitchen island become more fun and interesting than ever. Cook together and enjoy the results right from your kitchen. All are priceless experiences!

And this creation is the name for you who love wood. Appreciate the details and luxurious beauty. Honor the beauty of the intersection of the times. Desire to experience a kitchen space that harmonizes aesthetics and functionality. A high-class kitchen elevates the life quality for your family home.


Timeless spreads the inspiration to gather in a warm kitchen


I-shaped Timeless oak kitchen cabinets with warm Cognac color


The solid Walnut wood enhances the regal beauty of the space


  • Design, manufacture and installation package
  • Finishing only from 15 days
  • 3 year warranty. Lifetime maintenance.

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