Elegant beauty with neutral color

Tobacco Oak

Price as demo: 2.050.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Tobacco Oak




Tobacco Oak Flooring
  • The wooden floor is suitable for contemporary spaces
  • Materials: 3mm thick natural oak surface, 9mm thick Russian Birch plywood core
  • Color: Tobacco Oak
  • 3-year warranty

Oak flooring – Tobacco Oak high-quality natural wood floor in modern gray. Besides, youthful and brand new colors give the living space a completely different effect. Moreover, the large floor size creates a feeling of expansion for the space.


1. Specialty in material selection and combination

Tobacco Oak premium natural wood flooring is a combination of 3mm thick American Oak and 9mm Russian Plywood Birch. Especially, the engineered wood flooring has 2 main layers. In particular, they are core and surface layers. In fact, the cross-grained formula creates strong and stable wooden flooring.

Not only that, the water-resistant plywood core layer is able to withstand boiling water for up to 72 hours. Meanwhile, the natural flooring surface layer brings a feeling of warmth and purifies the air.

Besides, Oak wood comes from sustainable FSC certified forests. And E1 standard plywood with formaldehyde concentration of approximately zero. Therefore, Tobacco Oak high-quality natural wood flooring products ensure safety for users’ health.


Tobacco Oak engineered wood flooring combines high quality imported materials

2. The standard of structural solutions

Along with quality materials, the beautiful Tobacco Oak of Truong Thang is an advanced solution. The cross-grain construction helps to suppress the warping tendency of wood. Therefore, it can overcome problems related to warping, expansion, and shrinkage…

The floor layers are bonded with high-quality glue. Of course, it will not peel off when in contact with water. Tobacco Oak is also resistant to termites.


The product is resistant to boiling water for up to 72 hours. It also has a durability of up to 25+ years

3. European standard advanced production technology

Tobacco Oak high-quality natural wood flooring products are manufactured on advanced equipment lines from Europe. From the surface to the edge of the floor, are meticulously and precisely machined. Underneath the core layer are also milled anti-curve grooves, ensuring the rigidity and stability of the wooden floor.

The Micro–V beveled edge creates a seamless connection between the floor slats. In addition, the high-quality natural wood floor of Tobacco Oak is also covered with a benign sealant, which helps to cover up the flaws on the floor surface.

8 layers of UV light paint keep the color super good for the floor surface. Additionally, there’s a good anti-scratch and anti-slip aluminum oxide coating. As a result, oak flooring has a duration of up to 25 years. Therefore, Tobacco Oak is a sustainable investment.


The surface of the natural wood floor is finished with a super durable 8-layer UV paint

4. Aesthetic effect for space from high-quality Oak flooring

In conclusion, high-class Tobacco Oak flooring in gray color acts as a unique and highlight detail for the overall house. Moreover, the cool deep tones with the natural wood grain pattern of the oak flooring help to add personality to the rest of the interior.

oak-flooring-3The product helps to enhance the different aesthetic beauty of the entire space


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free glue and foam lining
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance.

*Price of the wooden floor includes rubber foam, excluding molding and installation fee.

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